Thursday, July 12, 2012

Its Ok…….

That I opened up spam email yesterday and caused virus to go out to several work contacts.  My IT dept just loves me today!

That I went to bank to transfer from one account to another to make monthly payment- and come to find out, that transaction was already set up to go automatically. I just like driving to the bank and going inside for the heck of it I guess.

That I’ve been eating fruit every day this week for breakfast and snack but ate at cheesy burger combo today for lunch.

My coworker has baby raccoons in her backyard that she feeds and I gave her all my French fries to give to the critters.

I am excited to see friend tonight that is married to my EX’s best friend.  It’s nice when you can maintain friendships after painful breakups.

My friend tonight owns her own embroidery machine and  she’s monogramming a towel for me as replacement to the one I ruined that belonged to my Sister-n-law Sarah.

That the above sentence was a total run-on sentence and any English teacher reading this is cringing.

I accidentally used Sarah’s fave towel to wrap my hair after she just helped me color my hairs to disguise my gray. Hey, I’m replacing it.

That I’m moving next month and I get so overwhelmed after work every night to pack.

 I get distracted when I come across something I haven’t seen lately in my apartment.

My cousin Lauren and her hubby Chris are moving from Atlanta to Dallas and they’re in town this week looking for place to live. I’m so excited I cant see straight!

I’ve set a goal to have 100 followers by end of 2012 and I’m at 78 as of today. Please show some love and have your friends follow me too. J

I have so much to learn on this blogging business like how to link up, blog hop, fancy stuff but Dang I’m trying.

It’s Ok that my TV is an old fashioned huge tube box that I may just be taking to dumpster instead of moving it.

I would rather listen to music any time of the day than watch TV.  I don’t have cable but my honey does so watching is done at his(about to be ours) place

I’m so happy tomorrow is Friday and I’m meeting Lauren and Chris for dinner.

It’s Ok to wish all of you a Fabulous weekend even though it’s only Thursday


  1. Your blog name is so cute! And I love the link up! I may have to go link up myself! I'm following you!

  2. Found you over at the Under 300 Followers link up :) I'm a new follower.

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