Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I've been a blogger slacker

I haven’t blogged in over a week. I’ve been so crazy busy lately.  I moved 2 Friday’s ago and it was a terrible day. It was the first time for me to hire professional hires and I can say I won’t do it again. They were an hour late to start off with. It was 106 degrees that day and it was brutal. The worst thing that happened is that they RUINED my couch. I don’t have pics with me but I have to say that I cried.  Let me tell you about my couch. I actually had my couch custom made in Wichita ,Kansas but a guy who specializes in furnishing private planes. My couch is red leather and leopard print and it has a hideaway bed.  I was working 2 jobs then and  I saved my money for this luxury. I was so proud of my couch and I can’t believe how they rubbed 3 huge bald spots on the back of my couch when it was moved.  SO, I have to find an upholstery service to be quoted on repair.
I only had 2 days to unpack until I had to leave for Winnipeg, Canada for work.  My project for my job is the Canada conversion and there’s lots of meetings right now before it gets started.  The last time I traveled to Winnipeg, it was in February and it was -40 below. I have never been so cold in my life. Winnipeg in July was a great time to be there. I enjoyed my visit much more last week.  We went on a 30 minute river tour and learned a lot about the history. It was pretty cool to be outside after work every night and walk around.  We ate at a restaurant called Salisbury House that is a chain only in Winnipeg. There is a neat bridge that has one of the restaurants right on it and the tour guide said we should go. It’s actually owned by a member of the rock group Guess Who.  The chain is actually more like a Perkins/Denny’s kind of diner. Nothing to get excited about. While we were in the restaurant, I totally saw Chaz Bono.  You know how you just KNOW?! I looked right at him and I knew right away. Later that evening when we were at the hotel bar I mentioned it to our waitress and sure enough, she said that Chaz is in a movie being filmed in Canada.  I obviously couldn’t take a picture but he was in shorts , t-shirt and a blue bandana on his head.
Airport Winnipeg\

Railroad bridge-very active

Bridge over river-Salisbury House resturant

Parliament Bldg- on river tour boat

I flew back early to Dallas because I had a CMA women’s retreat out in East Texas (Jefferson) that’s 3 hours away. There was 4 of us riding together and we left around 8 am.  Jefferson is one of my favorite antiques town. The square has lots of fun little shops and antiques stores to shop in.  Friday was so flippin hot though it was hard to be too excited to walk around the square.  There is a yummy fudge shop that we all stopped at after lunch. I bought some maple nut fudge and put it in my purse to save for later but it melted while I was shopping so it was one blob.  Delicious though!!
The women’s retreat was Friday thru Sunday but there were a chain of events that prompted my group to decide on leaving early. One of the reasons was the air conditioner going out in the main hall where are meetings were. I actually wanted to go home because I was put on a top bunk and my back was killing me.  We left on Saturday around 3pm and stopped a few hours later for some Mexican food dinner and I was home by 7pm. I was so happy to be in my own bed and I was able to go to my church on Sunday.  I got a lot of unpacking done on Sunday and pictures hung on the wall. I felt much better when leaving yesterday that my new place isn’t all still in boxes.
I’m in Toronto this week to continue the meetings from last week and most of the my team is here with me.  That means dinner every night after work and most likely no blogging time. I didn’t log in at all last week.  BTW, Sunday is my one year anniversary for my blog. YAY!


  1. i am pretty sure i can forgive your for leaving me for a week. LOLOL

    good GRIEF girl!! take a deep breath... go get some coffee...

    and dream about Chaz Bono. LOLOLOL



  2. Yay for your blog-aversary!
    Oh and guess what?
    I'm a Texan! Lol!


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