Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bricks in the Wall- Go see them!

Last Saturday , my honey and I went to House of Blues to see a Pink Floyd tribute band called Bricks in the Wall.  I had won the tickets a few weeks ago at a Bike Night.  My honey didn’t want to go at first because we had been so busy and had plans almost every night (including seeing Willie at the same place a few nights before).  You see we always get the General Admission tickets which means you stand down by the stage for close to 3 hours.  You gotta make sure you’re wearing some comfortable shoes to do this.
  There is a small area for seating but you have to spend 100$ to sit there and you have a waitress that brings you your drinks.  For some reason we never asked what the rules were to sit there and assumed it was reserved seating. Another couple came in behind us and saw us looking for a place to stand the whole night and they asked if we would be interested in joining them at a table and we could split the bill.  We agreed because it doesn’t take much at all to run a 50$ tab for 2 people there. Their prices are pretty high for a drink. The seats are so close to the stage. Come to find out, the couple worked in the exact same industry my honey and I do.  We even knew several of the same people.  They were so nice ( Karen and Bill) and it was perfect seating behind the sound engineers.  AND no standing the entire time. From now on, that’s the way to do concerts at HOB!   
The band was absolutely incredible! They played for 2.5 hours straight and the vocals were awesome. They really did sound just like Pink Floyd. They are also based out of Dallas. They had this trampoline looking thing hung on the stage and they played cool videos to the songs the whole time. There were a lot of lights and laser show effects that added to the coolness factor.  The 3 women backup singers really added so much to the songs. We had such a great time and glad we went. If you see this come to your town , I highly recommend you going. They play at all the House of Blues locations and other places too.
Laser light show at concert

Bricks in The Wall

Honey and Me. Look how close we are to stage.


  1. Oh how fun! My Hunny & I went to see Joe Walsh recently. It was so nostalgic. I loved it!

    Warmly, MIchelle

  2. Hi Holly. Saw your comment on Unleashed Diva's blog and thought I would pop over and read your blog - love it by the way.
    I too love Harley's -(I haven't been on a bike for about 30 years). Doing route 66 on a harley is on my bucket list! I live is South Africa and I would love to make this trip and see some of the USA.
    My blog is www.lifecherries.com

    1. Hi lanthie, thanks so much for stopping by. South Africa- Wow! That is so cool. If you make it to Dallas give me a shout. You can ride my Harley.

  3. Sounds fun, save me a seat at the next concert.

  4. thank you so much for the prayers. we appreciate them so so much

  5. I love Pink Floyd! I would have loved to see that tribute show! It really sounds like you had fun...


    PS ( I am your newest follower)

  6. Sounds like an amazing time!!! I am a new follower and look forward to visiting you again!


  7. There are several tribute bands that play around the Bay Area, but I've never been to one. Sounds like you had a great experience though. HOB makes me miss New Orleans something serious! (though I know you're in Dallas). :)


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