Monday, August 13, 2012

Family and Friends this past weekend

What a weekend! I was out and about starting on Thursday. Every Thursday a local radio station in Dallas 92.5 sponsors a Bike Night at a different bar each week. We jumped on the Harley and met up with some friends at a bar that is very close to our place. The station always gives out tickets for events and swag like tshirts,etc. I fill out a raffle ticket every time i go (which isnt often because of my traveling). The most i get is usually a Koozie or keychain that is free giveaway to everyone. My luck changed though this time and i won 2 tickets to a Bricks in the Wall at House of Blues later this month. Thats a laser light show done by an engineer of the Pink Floyd band and i'm so excited.

I'm the fluffy girl 2nd from left
 I went to a “Passion Party” on Friday night and I took 2 of my cousins with me, Monya and Lauren. It had been years since I had a been to one of those kind of parties and they are such a hoot! The theme of course was 50 Shades of Grey and she even sold the books. I will be honest that I read the books and there were a few toys mentioned in the book that I had never heard of or saw in person to visualize. The party was handy to see some of those things in person. Just looking at those nipple clamps made me shudder. Ouch!! The most entertaining part was the rest of the party-goers.  There was about 20 ladies of all ages and professions. It was the first party of this sort for many of the women and I laughed so hard at their expressions and comments. It reminded me of myself at my first Passion party ( this was my 3rd).  It was just a fun girls night out with my cousins and I ordered a few little things to support the Hostess for the party. No, I won’t tell you what I ordered but I will say it dang sure wasn’t nipple clamps or anything that requires batteries. J
Lauren stayed the night with me  so that I could introduce her to my fave places the next day in Grapevine, Tx.  I first took her by the Red Shed Antiques store because I knew this would be Heaven for her. Lauren is really into the French décor and the Red Shed specializes in that.  She bought a few vintage books written in French and  of course a cute small Eiffel tower. I bought a few vintage metal clips that I use on my make up mirror to hang my funny bumper stickers and Johnny Cash patch.  We walked most of Main street and bought a few things here and there but neither of us went too crazy. We both had to buy a new lip balm simply because of the name of it: Lip Shit. Mine is coconut basil and Lauren’s is grapefruit with a Cowgirl on it.

 I also ran her by one of my favorite thrift stores a few blocks away at Graceful Buys.  I found a Scrabble game with most of the letters in the bag. I was excited because have you seen how much those letters are sold for lately on Ebay and at local craft stores? I found a cute birdcage for 5$. Oh Yes- because I always NEED another bird cage. I’m seriously obsessed.   I  also picked up a pair of brand new Nike men’s shorts for my sweety pie  to distract him from noticing that I brought home another bird cage.
Later that evening (Saturday), my honey and I met a girlfriend Amanda (who I call Panda) in Dallas at Ozona’s for dinner. Her son is the drummer for a heavy metal band called Maldevera and they were performing at Across the Street bar at 9:30 pm. My honey is also a drummer and is all about showing his support.  It was an outdoor stage and the bar had no air conditioning which was not very good for business in the Texas summers.  The music that they play brings a lot of mosh pit dancers which is very entertaining and frightening at the same time. The kids look like they’re about to get in huge fight but they just shove and roll around each other. I actually should have tried it out because they were all skinny and fit. Maybe next time I’ll wear some body pads and give it a whirl. LOL- not really.
Panda and me. I only had water i promise. My eyes look drunk. LOL

Yesterday was a nice day of church and relaxing most of the day. Another girlfriend of mine has a son that is in the Marines and was home for a week. They had a small meet and greet gathering in their home and I stopped by to hug his neck and show my support.  So really this weekend was all about showing my girlfriends son’s some love.
On my way home I pulled into a salon in Dallas and got a much needed relaxing pedicure. It was a perfect way to end my weekend.  I’m not traveling for the rest of the month so I’m excited not to be packing on Sunday nights.


  1. Okay...I'm cracking up. I just watched a rerun of 2 Broke Girls and one of the running jokes was about those...ahem...rings! Your timing is perfect!
    I think you shoulda brought your camera.

  2. Sounds like you had a really great weekend!

    I'm pretty sure you e-mailed me with a questions while I was sick and now I can't find the e-mail. Shoot me another if you remember what it was.

  3. How fun are you, Lil' Missy!!!!!!!! I want to know what you purchased, my interest is peeked with that "no battery" comment. Ahem.

    Don't let me sweet and innocent face fool ya!
    Nicole @ Three 31

  4. Hi Holli, Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am now your newest follower and can't wait to learn more about you. Love Robelyn and her blog!!!!! I'll be back to say hello:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  5. I love that you went to a place that sells French decor items to get some clips to hang your Johnny Cash patch. Now that's what I call Texas. (hat tip)


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