Thursday, August 30, 2012

Football and stuff, M'Kay

Oh the love for football.  So I’ve mentioned on a few occasions that I love me some football. I am a born and raised Texas girl and you know we take our football seriously. High school football on Friday nights, College football on Saturday’s, and NFL on Sunday’s. It’s a fun filled weekend everyday for a few hours.  When I was in high school in my small country town, Friday nights at the games would be filled. I was on the drill team and couldn’t wait to dance in the halftime performances.  The sounds of the marching band coming out from under the bleachers would start the excitement and then we followed them on to the field. We also had certain dances we had to do during the game while sitting in the stands. We had to watch the game closely to determine which dances we would do, like for defense or celebration, etc.  That’s how I learned about football by having to know when to jump up and down when we scored.
Last night my honey scored some free tickets (5 tkts exactly) to go to the Cowboys preseason game against Miami. I was so excited to go simply because I had never been to our new ginormous stadium yet.  They offer tours and stuff like that but I’ve never had the time to get over there until last night. Y’all it was beautiful! I just cant believe how huge it is and the biggest screen I’ve ever seen in my life. I tried to look down at the field but i caught myself staring at the screen more than anything.
Our seats were about 5 rows from the most very highest top of the stadium. They gave whole new meaning to nose bleed section.  My honey drove out of town to pick his kids up and I invited a friend of mine to join us. My friend Vicki met me at our place, then we met honey and kids (A and C) at his office then we all took one car to the stadium.  We stayed until after half time and then we headed out.  We parked at a go-cart place a few streets down the road and the owners of the place give us a ride in his pickup truck to the stadium.  It wasn’t too far but  add the walk from where are seats were, it was quite a hike.  I got my exercise in for sure.  I needed to walk off my 10$ chicken basket and 5$ bottle of water. The concession stands are crazy expensive!! One good part was if you buy their 10$ bucket of popcorn you got free refills. We filled that baby up 3 times to get our money’s worth.
Cowboys stadium

Pic taken from my seat

Vicki and me ( dang i need some lipstick)

me, A, honey, C

So who are your fave teams you cheer for? My honey’s son “C” plays freshman ball for his high school so I’ll be cheering them on, my fave college is University of Texas Longhorns, and of course The BOYS are my NFL team!
I’m taking a day of vacation tomorrow and we’re supposed to be heading to Oklahoma on the Harley. We’re going to visit my brother and all the girls (sis-n-law Sarah and my sweet nieces) and I am so excited to see them. Do you have any special plans for this Labor Day weekend coming up?
Have fun y’all!!
sidenote: i love Mr. Mackey from SouthPark. You'll get the M'Kay....


  1. Girl I am a college football fanatic and the season kicks off tonight. WHOO HOO!!!!!!! I'm a die hard West Virginia fan. LET'S GOOOOOOOO MOUNTAINEERS!!!!!!! Be sure to watch for my post tomorrow. LOL!!!!

    1. I'm so excited too! I want to have a football party with lots of dips and chips too. lol- Have the fun is the food.

  2. I have been raised to cheer for the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. The university is near where I live and grew up. My mom loved Notre Dame, and a fall Saturday would find us in front of the television screaming with all our might for our team Even got the pleasure of going to a couple games and had the time of my life.


  3. Awesome, another NFL fan! I'm a huge fan myself! I'm a Packers fan, but I can accept that you're a Cowboys fan. =] Tony Romo is kind of delicious. Not that I'm all about football just for the hotties! I love football in general.

    Nice to meet you!!

  4. Great Post! Thanks for following me ^.^

  5. I love the stadium, but I've never been. I go to nursing school in Arlington like 3 blocks from there and can see it from the window in the computer lab where I am now. How crazy. I need to go! Looks like a fun time!!


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