Sunday, August 5, 2012

Happy Anniversary to my Blog

I wish i could say that for my one year anniversary to my blog , that i would be doing some fabulous giveaway prize or that i'm going to Wow you with a great story today.  I'm not.  I probably shouldn't even be posting right now with the mood i'm in. Unfortunately, i'm about to leave my home in less than an hour to go to a very dear friend's funeral. Dr George Molhusen was one of the 2 of my mom's most bestest closet friends in the whole world. Mom was a nurse in his family clinic for several years.  I even worked with his daughter Amy at the same resturant in college. My mom hired my cousin Monya to work the front desk for a year or so after her high school graduation. "Doc" came to my high school graduation, my brother's graduation, my great-grandmother's funeral, my grandfather's father, etc. He was there for my Mom in every large event in her life which happened to be tied to my family. When Mom moved to Wyoming, Doc and his wife Margie would come and visit on their vacation.  I had free health care from him up into the time i moved farther away and it wasnt convenient to go to his clinic and that i had grown up and had insurance with my job. I have many fond memories of going to the clinic at closing time and Doc and i would have dinner afterwards and get caught up. He was like an uncle to me and genuinely loved me like family.  I seriously could go on and on and on on what a huge loss my family is feeling but also all his patients and friends that knew  him and had experienced his kindness and gentleness.
What happened? Apparently there was a kitchen fire in their home a few nights ago and it got out of hand. Margie had a stroke a year ago and is confined to a wheelchair. Doc actually sold his practice a few years ago so that he could take 100% care of Margie. He was so dedicated to his wife and family. Margie is currently in the hospital but Dr died a few hours later after the fire. He died a hero while rescuing his wife.
 The worst part of all this my friends is that i had to be the one to inform my sweet Mom on this horrific news. I can barely breathe from replaying the sound in my head of her grief on being told that her best friend died. No daughter should have to be the bearer of such bad news. With Mom living in Montana, she's pretty unplugged so to speak from the rest of us and especially from the local news in Dallas.  She's in poor health herself and just was not able to come last minute for the funeral. See, i find out about Doc on Friday morning after returning from Canada. I was reading Amy's facebook with all the condolences and then realized what had happened. If i had not been out of the country , i would have seen it on the news and heard a little sooner than when i did. Oh well, i know we are all going through life with its huge ups and downs. I probably wouldnt have even mentioned this in my blog otherwise but i wanted to post today on my anniversary.
So not to end with all doom and gloom- i won the contest of sending the most bras to Danielle at Secrets of a Sweet Southern Girl , that also partnered up with Mrs. Pates blog- to FREE the GIRLS.  I won the cutest necklace that Danielle made. I havent received it yet but this is what it looks like. So cute!!

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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. Congratulations on hitting the year mark though.

    And I was going to mail this out yesterday but I was sick and didn't leave my bed all day. I will have it in the mail first thing tomorrow.


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