Thursday, August 2, 2012

It’s OK that I had a productive week in Toronto but I’m ready to get home tonight.

That late flights are not my fave because I don’t sleep on planes.

That I read an entire book  on the flight here and finished last night ‘cuz  I downloaded 2 books last night on Kindle App so I’m prepared.

That I packed flip-flops to change into once I get to airport so I’m not schlepping around in my heels that I’ve been wearing since 7 am.

That I didn’t hit a girl who was literally smacking every bite while eating her salad at the airport. I just moved away to another seat and gave her a quick stink eye.

It’s OK that my honey has family plans (a formal dinner) tomorrow night that I wasn’t invited to because  I’m hanging with my cousin Lauren who is now a Texan. Lauren moved to Texas last week.

That I’m broke and don’t need a thing but I’m going garage sales jumping with my high school bestie in Ft Worth on Saturday.  I’m going to hang out for more girl time.

It’s OK that I’m trying to smuggle a bag of maple cookies in my suitcase tonight without getting caught. A sweet coworker gave them to me here made with Canadian maple.

It’s Ok that I miss my honey and am excited that I’m not traveling for the next few weeks.

It’s Ok that if you really knew me , you’d know that I used to BEG my boss to send me out of town every week. Now I have someone worth staying home for.

It’s Ok that I have the option for people to follow my blog via their email but I have no idea how to manage it (if anyone subscribes,etc). I got to figure that out. LOL

It’s Ok that I am craving Mexican Food and must have it ASAP

Happy Thursday!

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