Friday, September 7, 2012

Brought to you Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue

If you’ve been following me then you might have noticed that I’ve been a concert goin’ fool  this year. I guess I’m making up for the last few years that  I didn’t make it to any. Well, I get to add last night to the mix. I was supposed to be going to  C’s ( my honey’s son) freshman football away game but I got an offer to see Toby Keith in Dallas with my friend Panda.  Panda’s friend had bought 4 tickets but got called into work and so this all happened very last minute. This is where I get to mention what a lucky girl I am to have the most awesome boyfriend ever.  You see, Panda’s friend still had his tickets and he was at work in Grand Prairie. ( I know this may not make sense if you’re not from Dallas).  I was at work in Carrollton and Panda works near downtown Dallas and also had her son that she needed to get home to Garland. My honey drove to Grand Prairie to pick and up and pay for the tickets, then he came home to deliver them to me so that I would have them, then he had to drive an hour east in traffic to the football game. If he had not done that, we would have never made it to the concert on time with driving all over the city during rush hour.
I got to the concert around 7 and had a slice of pizza and a bottle of water while I waited on Panda to get there. The concert was held at Gexa Energy Pavilion which is an outdoor arena where you bring a blanket and sit on the lawn or there is also a covered seated area which is where we were. We had row M which is 13 rows from the stage and dead center. Seriously the best seats! I just have to tell you that the temp’s yesterday was 108 degrees and humid to add. I jump at every chance I get to wear my cowboy boots and I’ve been fine so far because the other venues I’ve been to was indoors with air conditioning. I totally regret not wearing my flip flops! I was such a sweaty hot mess and not in a good way. They were giving out fans and that provided a nanosecond of comfort but I was fanning myself at such a high speed that I was working up a sweat more.
There was 2 openers before Toby and I didn’t get the name of the first one. He performed before we were seated . Once Panda arrived we had to get in the food and drink lines and make a quick stop to the girls room before the fun began. The next performer was Brantley Gilbert and he was GREAT! I was familiar with many of his songs but I never knew it was him that sung them. I listen to country a lot but I have a habit of changing the station before I hear the DJ announce the singers. Brantley is a cutie-patootie!! Holy cow , his arms were muscular and tattooed all over. His t-shirt (that I did not buy) had him on  a back of a motorcycle and it was HOT in the sexy way not temperature although it was scorching that way too. I have been buying far too many concert shirts and I liked him but not 30$ worth. Some of the songs you might be familiar with by Brantley is Country must be Country Wide ( my fave), My Kind of Crazy, You don’t know her like I do, and Kick it in the Sticks. I am glad I got to see him even though I wasn’t sure who it was at first.
The lights didnt capture Brantley so well ...

Super hot during Brantley

Toby Keith was such a great entertainer. Like he doesn’t pull any punches with his concerts. Ford is one of his sponsors which helped I’m sure in his elaborate light shows and videos. They inserted a Ford truck in EVERY one of his videos. It was pretty funny how they did it some of his old videos. Anyway, he sang nonstop and his band was excellent too. It was amusing because like most concerts, he made his exit but I knew he would come back on.  Toby had not performed his patriotic songs and he’s all about that.  Several military people in their uniform and not came and stood with him on the stage. One guy was in a wheelchair and had a prosthetic leg. Another guy was using one of those walkers that also has the bench to sit on. There was a military dog with someone that was so cool. Then he started singing An American Soldier.  Several of the audience had American flags with them and I loved seeing all the flags waving during the song. I am not embarrassed to tell you that I get a little emotional and cried. The camera man stayed on all the military and to be reminded of what they sacrificed for us and seeing the disabled guys was too much. Yes I was sober.  His last song was Brought to you Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue. TK let some of the soldiers sing the last part of the song “cuz we’ll put a boot in your ass, it’s the American way”.  The crowds went wild. There was this little old man in front of us and he sat most of all the concert. It was very very uncomfortably hot and I understand his sitting. When Toby started singing these 2 patriotic songs, he stood up and even moved his hiney a little like dancing. He was too cute! After the last song, Toby let all of the soldiers walk the edges of the stage and shake everyone’s hands. The guy rolling his wheelchair was very moving and to see people appreciate him was awesome.
Beer for my horses-Willie appeared via his video

Red Solo Cup- Let's have a party


On break between Brantley and TK-getting water

My ever so handy fan during 108 degrees

Military next to Toby

Guy in wheelchair shaking hands

I had so much fun singing to every song and hanging with my friend Panda. I couldn’t believe how gritty and sweaty I was when I got to my truck. Thank you Lord for air conditioning!  Oh and i grabbed a bootleg Toby concert shirt in the parking lot for 10$. Score! After i paid him I was walking to my truck  and i saw an officer carrying a huge armload of the shirts. Yikes. 
When I got home I actually took a cold shower before I went to bed.  It sucks going thru hot flashes, it takes so long to get cooled back down.  I’ve been so busy all day today that I’m just now posting . Have I mentioned that tomorrow I have a blogging event with the Texas Blogging Gals? I’m so excited. There’s several girls in the Dallas-Ft Worth area and we’re going to a place called A Piece Of Work.  We all get to paint and drink wine at the same time. I’m hoping the wine will improve my painting skills.  My cousin Lauren is coming with me.  Stay tuned.


  1. I had SO much fun getting to know you last night!! Oh, and I've met Toby Keith! One of my childhood friends, her dad (Chuck Goff) is the bass guitarist! (It's like my only claim to fame. HA!)

    1. That is so cool that you've met him in person and that you have a direct link to know the REAL man!
      You're just too cute and i'm so glad we met Saturday night.

  2. How fun! My hubby and I love to watch live music…mostly Texas Country. What a sweet boyfriend to do all that traveling to get you those tickets. Sounds like a keeper!!

    And I LOVE Brantley Gilbert! My friend Stephany actually just posted something about Brantley Gilbert -

    Glad y’all had a good time!! You looked adorable!

    Oh and confession – my little 2 year old boy knows almost every word to Red Solo Cup! Haha. He loves that song for some reason.

    Nice to finally meet you in person!! Had so much fun.

    1. Thank you- YES he is a keeper! I am a lucky girl for sure.

      Red Solo cup is a catchy song and my niece knows it too.

      I am looking forward to meeting up with you in Waxahachie one day.


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