Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Go see me over at Emily's blog

Happy Wednesday folks! Click here and see my post as a guest blogger at Emily's blog Insanity Rules with 3 little boys . I met Emily through my Texas Bloggers group. I am excited because this is my 2nd time ever to be someone's guest. I blogged about my fave holiday coming up: HALLOWEEN!! Woohoo!

Oh and real quick mention, so did any of you watch the Season Premiers of Sons of Anarchy last night?! Holy Cow, it was frickin awesome and this season will not disappoint. Jax Teller is too yummy for words and my honey knows i have a Holliwood crush on him. :)
Go now and click on Emily's link.....


  1. I live in south Africa so I am waiting for SOA to appear on Graboid or something so I can download and watch - it is my absolute favourite and I can't wait! Glad I am not alone - my kids think I am nuts because I like it.

  2. We have all the seasons now on dvd and i watched every one of them these last few months so i would be caught up. My boyfriend got me hooked on the show and its fun to watch it together. I love it!


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