Thursday, September 20, 2012

I am linking up today to the Sunshine Project. I follow Kimberly’s Korner and read about the Link up from her. The Sunshine Project is a post about anything that brought you sunshine this week ( a song, your family, a picture, anything).
I haven’t exactly felt my best this week. I’ve been struggling with sinus headaches every day and I hate having headaches! One thing that makes me feel better and that I make sure I have on my desk all day with me is Sweet Tea. There’s a chicken chain around our metroplex  called Raising Cane’s and they make the best sweet tea!  My boss also loves the tea so we bought a gallon of it on Monday and keep it in our fridge that we have back in our office.  So the tea has brought me sunshine all week.

Yesterday I was running errands and grabbing some lunch from a drive-thru during my lunch hour. My boss surprised me when I came back because she went to our other favorite place that makes the most awesome desserts – specifically  the yummiest strawberry cupcakes. That cupcake hit the spot and it made my day. Definitely some sunshine to my week!


  1. Now that post is just all kinds of sunshine!

  2. You have a nice boss!

    thanks for playing along this week.

  3. Sweet tea *AND* cupcakes .... I think we could be friends. HAHAHAHA

    Nicole @ Three 31

  4. I love Sweet Tea, too! Sunshine thoughts besides Sweet Tea... Crisp Autumn mornings! 'Love those and they are just beginning to arrive here in Arkansas! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures


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