Monday, September 17, 2012

Lazy but fun weekend.

My weekend was so lazy but with a lot of fun mixed with it.  I stopped at Goodwill on Friday afternoon during lunch hour and I grabbed 4 clear plastic wineglasses for only .50 cents each. I am going to paint them for my Halloween party. I grabbed 2 cereal bowls for also .50cents because one of ours broke the other day. I found a dancing skeleton for 4$ but I didn’t grab a pic of it. Its in my garage at the moment. Later that evening, my honey and I joined another couple for dinner in Ft Worth at a sports bar called Flip’s.  Their food is ok but nothing to brag about. We were there for the company anyway and not the food. Saturday , I got up early to head to Walmart because our curtain rod broke in the spare bathroom. We had the kids this weekend so we kinda needed the curtain rod quick. On my way i only spotted one garage sale so I stopped. I got the cutest Halloween chip and dip dish for 1 whole dollar. They had 2$ on the box but I asked them if they would take 1$ and they did. My friend Kimi would be so proud of me! I usually never ask to come down on prices.
Garage sale 1$

I got home from the garage sale just a few minutes before Honey came by with the kids to pick me up.  Have you guys heard of TravelZoo? It’s like Groupon and other sites like that.  I had not heard of TravelZoo until a coworker sent me a great deal in email. It was a special that included 2 hours bowling, with shoes for up to 5 people, 2 pizzas and 2 pitchers of soda all for 40$. I bought that quick because I thought we might use that with the kids. We drove to Plano which is also where Honey’s parents live so we called them to join us and hang out with the grandkids for a while.  I didn’t get any pics of us while bowling. I  only managed to remember to grab our scores with my phone camera.  I also ran into the same friends that sent me the email on the deal there. They had all their grandkids that day so that kept them busy for a while too.  We played 2 games and I came in last both times. The funny thing is that I ended both games with same score of 36. Honey won both games and the kids took turns in coming in 2nd and 3rd place.  I was the most terrible player but still had fun.  Honey looked right at me and said” Wow, you’re really bad at this”!  Oh well, bowling is not my thing.
Last place

I'm consistent!

I also become a furniture broker over the weekend. Haha! On Friday I stopped to talk to my neighbors on my way back from taking the trash out and asked if they were moving. I was sad to see them leave because their sons were so sweet. A few weeks ago, Honey locked us out of our garage and it  was past midnight. The boys grabbed their knives, coat hangers, anything they could to help us get in and they were great! We bought them some gift cards to say thanks and I told the neighbors that my boyfriend  had them and we hadn’t seen the boys to  hand them to.  We continued to talk about the neighborhood, etc and then they mentioned that they had some furniture that they didn’t want to move and did I want their armoire and table.  They have a ginormous wood armoire that looks almost exactly like mine but just not as tall.  I told them that I already had one very similar and I didn’t have the space but that I would ask my friends if anyone was interested. I took  a pic of it with my phone and of the tables to send out. My cousin Lauren immediately claimed a table right then. I walked back down and Daryl (neighbor guy) helped me carry both of the tables to my garage.  A few hours later my friend Panda replied that she wanted the armoire but they had already left for the day and were at their new home. So Saturday, when I got home from Walmart/garage sale, I saw my neighbors reloading and told them I had a taker. They were very happy because they didn’t even want to load it to drop off at Goodwill.  My honey stopped at our storage to borrow a large dolly so we could get it from their garage into ours. So now we have all this furniture and none of it is for us. My poor boyfriend cant even park in the garage until the armoire is gone. Panda was going to come by last night but it rained or sprinkled pretty much all day so she’s coming tonight. Oh did I mention all the furniture was free?!!
2 free table- my truck is a tad close i know

Huge armoire on its side taking up garage space

I did get a few of my crafty projects started with spray paint. I bought 2 old metal lawn chairs this summer ( I blogged about them) and I really wanted to get them painted since it wasn’t blazing HOT.  I got one of them primed and I painted 2 of my birdcages. I didn’t get the before pics of my birdcages  before I painted them. The short one was a faded yellow and the big one was a very old faded green. I like them much more now. Again, because of the rain I didn’t get to finish painting my chair yesterday. I cant wait to get them done. 
Really rusty beat up chair

Nice and primed ready to be painted (green chair in pic is next to be painted)

Like new bird cages- not everything in my house can be orange

I cant remember the last time I stayed at home ALL day without leaving once but it happened yesterday. I stayed at home to get started on packing for Canada while Honey took the kids home.  When he got back he made us homemade Cannelloni and Dang it was good! I packed, did some laundry, puttered around the house, read a magazine and watched football ( Cowboys lost). It was awesome!!
 I was supposed to be flying to Canada today but a personal thing happened with my boss and she couldn’t go.  I was traveling with her so now I don’t have to go either. My company also has an annual travel freeze for the rest of the year so it looks like I’m home for a while. Yippee!!


  1. Looks like fun. You are pretty creative lady!!

  2. Sounds like you had a good weekend. ♥


  3. Hi Holli, thanks for the visit to my blog...I'm following you back :) I love that you are a Harley girl. My father rode Harleys for years so I kind of grew up around them. His fav bike was his Wide Glide. What do you and your husband ride? BTW, I love the color of your birdcages...they will look so good with orange!

    Shasta @InTheOldRoad

  4. Wow! You had a good day with all your finds! How fun! Cute stuff. ;)


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