Thursday, September 27, 2012

Still moving on from loss of dear friends

Ok, so you know all about the great loss that happened a month ago when my mom’s best friend and his wife died in a house fire. I don’t know how to link up to my past posts or I would. Well, last Friday 2 of his kids (Amy and Kurt) had a garage sale with all the items that weren’t damaged in the fire. I thought that it would be nice if I could grab a few things that would be sentimental to send to mom.  I drove over there during my lunch hour to look around. You guys, I really had no idea how emotional I was going to get.  It took me by surprise when I was looking through some of the stuff, I burst into tears. I kinda thought it would be sad but nothing like how it was. Our families were so entwined over the years and I just cant imagine the grief that these kids are going through.  I don’t have any pictures of the things I bought but I can post some later. I have already sent a few things this week to Montana because Mom’s birthday is this Sunday and I included them in her gift package. I had called Mom on my way home and told her about the house, the sale, how everyone asked about her, and the items I was able to get for her. We both had a good cry on my way home. Kurt gave me something very special that he wanted Mom to have. The Doc collected all things with wolves and someone had made him a little pillow with a wolf print on it. Kurt said that his dad sat with it every night in his chair behind his back. I also found a wolf collector’s plate, a baseball cap, and a winter cap from UT Austin that I know Mom will like to have. Doc graduated from there was a HUGE Longhorn fan. Mom and the Doc used to also go every year to the Indian Art Show’s when they came to Dallas. Indian stuff was also an interest of Doc so I managed to find a picture of an Indian that seems to be a needle point and framed. That’s too big to send to mom but I told her about it. I’ll get it to her somehow (hopefully in person).
I was very surprised when Kurt handed me a flashlight and unlocked the door to let me have a walk inside the house. I think this where I had my biggest breakdown. I couldn’t help but cry while looking at the devastation and thinking of the utter terror of trying to escape the house. I took a few pics with my phone but it was very dark inside. This house is in a great neighborhood in Dallas and they lived there more than 30 years. I felt honored that Kurt let me in. It's been locked and closed off to everyone (mostly to prevent looters).
I know this isn’t the happiest post but it’s what’s on my heart.  Even though it was tough to see the house and strangers going through my friends belongings, I am appreciative of the things I bought and was able to donate more money to Kurt and Amy.
One angle of the kitchen where fire started

Fire damage

One side of kitchen

Hallway smoked out

The fridge in center had melted metal

Glasses in the cupboard-burned


  1. Sending you a hug ((HOLLI)) Your mom is very blessed to have such a thoughtful daughter! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    1. Thank you for sweet words and the hug! I am a hugger too. :)

    2. I was still thinking about your post and concerned about your pain. So, I'm back. Here's another hug. ((HOLLI)) My prayers are with you. -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. How devistating! I can't imagine the pain you, your mom, and her friends' children are going through right now, but it was very sweet of you to help them out and buy some items to give to your mom. I stopped by from Wed's Blog Hop to say "hello!"

    bonny @

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    1. Bonny, that is so helpful- thank you so much!! I learn so much from other bloggers like yourself.
      thank you for stopping by my post. It's normally not sad. :)

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  4. That is awful and sad. I am so sorry. (HUGS)


  5. Oh my how sad. You don't usually see how somewhere looks after a fire has been through it. It is so exrta sad to see the before picture where people lived and were happy then see the burnt out picture and know that two people lost their lives. It has made me feel a bit weepy, life is so precious. I'm so sorry you and your family are hurting.
    I am hosting a blog hop over at my blog today


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