Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Meet my Blog Angel Kim-

Hey there, my name is Kim and I blog over at The Queen of Over-Doing; Chronically Kim.  About a month ago, I signed up for the Blog Angel program and was blessed to have Holli looking over me and my blog!  She asked me to answer some questions and I was happy to oblige!  I mean, how do I tell a Harley riding, wine loving Texan "no"?  Seriously!  I love doing this stuff!

So today, I'm here on Holli's lovely blog guest posting. Holli's been so sweet and visits my blog regularly even though I've not been on my blog regularly.

So without further adú, here is my Q&A session:

Q:  What inspired you to start a blog and how long have you been blogging?
A:  Well, I had been going through some rough times and blogging seemed like a good way to vent.  I am a writer and loved connecting with people who wrote as well.  I initially started blogging back in October of 2010.  I've since moved my blog twice until lading here with a new name and purpose several months ago after my move from Illinois to Ohio.  Sometimes it takes awhile to find your niché!

Q:  Tell me a little about your family - dogs too:
A:  Well, I have a large family.  Both my husband and I come from larger farm families; he from Nebraska, myself from Illinois.  Together we have 3 girls; 11, 19 & 22.  We've been married almost 12 years (this November will be 12 wedded years of bliss).  In May of 2013 we will also be grandparents!

We are huge animal lovers.  We've been known to have something like 8-12 different types of animals in our house at any given time because we are suckers for helping our rescues.  No animal deserves to starve or be cold and not loved.  We've had snakes, fish, lizards, cats, rabbits, spiders, dogs and 2 orphan baby squirrels.  Right now, our home is quiet and we only have our permanent resident furry doggy Karma.  We took her in when she was about 3 months old as a rescue.  She's just as much a part of our family as one of our own children.

Q:  What are you hobbies and interests?
A:  Well, that's an open ended question.  My main hobbies are either sitting at the dining room table making jewelry or standing in the kitchen making and baking!  I love to bake, cook and create!  But I'm always doing something different.  I love to take pictures, hiking and one day I hope to have my own Harley to ride along with my husband (who doesn't own a Harley, but I want one).

Q:  Do you have a favorite color?
A:  Purple...yep, definitely purple!

Q:  Do you work outside of the home?
A:  Before moving to Ohio I worked full time at a high school as an Attendance Clerk & Transcript Manager.  Prior to that I worked in New Home Construction out in the field and I loved my career in construction!  But due to the economy I was forced out.  Now I am a stay-at-home-mom.  It's taken some time to get used to and a little bit of regrouping to learn how to use and organize my new found time, but I'm finally getting it all together!  I now own an online jewelry store and just opened my new online bakery.

Q:  Are yo doing anything fun for Halloween (decoration wise)?
A:  Not really.  When we moved from Illinois to Ohio we donated a ton of stuff to cut down on moving expenses and thought we'd just repurchase some new decorations after we settled in here.  But this year we've carved pumpkins and that's what decorating we've done! :)

Q:  What are you next goals for your blog in 2013?
A:  Good question!  I hope to add more DIY Project How-To's and more recipes.  My blog is constantly evolving!

Q:  Tell us about yourself on any topic you feel like talking/writing about; it can be as long or wordy as you want.
A:  You know what you're getting yourself into telling me this right???  Ha!  I'm a motor-mouth and love to just type and type!  But seeing you said ANYTHING, I'm going to take this opportunity to tell you the reason for choosing the name for my new online Bakery, {Sweetsie's} Sweets & Treats.

There are two things I love to do more than others.  Don't get me wrong, I love spending time with my family and we do a lot, but when I do engage in my hobbies, I love to make jewelry and bake.  I currently have a jewelry store online called Bluebird Bijoux {Designs}.  I've recently moved it from Etsy to Storenvy so I could customize it more.

I hand-make jewelry using new bead and finding as well as implement recycled and up-cycled items.  I think I bring a uniqueness to my field.  It will be open for business again very soon!

But more recently, I've been avidly working on opening an online bakery.  Monday, October 22nd was the Grand Opening of my bakery!  I am so excited for the opening.  My bakery is called {Sweetsie's} Sweets & Treats.

But what makes this even more special than my cookies (yep a little self-love there) is the name.  The name isn't just a silly little name I thought up on day.

The name began well over a decade ago.  My late dad (well, my step-dad but he was more like my dad) passed due to complications and health issues that stemmed from his Diabetes.  He was insulin dependent and suffered from Diabetes for a very long time until it was just too much and was taken from us.

Larry, my dad, used to call my mom "sweetsie".  He would come up with these cockamamie ideas and one of them was to have all the young grandchildren and nieces over for an entire weekend of cookie baking and decorating.  My mom wasn't keen on this idea as kids do make quite the mess when baking and making!

But Larry said to my my, "Sweetsie, don't you want to make memories?  It's not just a mess, it's a memory..."  And so she agreed.

My mom and Larry went to the store, bought all of the kids their own aprons, rolling pins, cookie cutters, sugar shakers, paint brushes and every other kind of cookie decorating items and edibles you could ever imagine.  They made some of the most awesome cookies anyone could ever lay their eyes on!!  Let me tell you...

Larry would sit at the table, chat with the kids, make faces, say silly things to make them all laugh, help create and give his professional opinion of how they have all made masterpieces.  My mom would watch, help out and clean up.  BUT, at the end of the long day (and we are talking starting cookies at 7-8:00am and ending near midnight), those memories are some that each of those children will never forget and still remember to this day.  Some of "those kids" are now in their 20's and have kids of their own.

So, it was for that reason I chose {Sweetsie's} as the name of my bakery.  The name holds a memory that I will never forget.  The name has a meaning so much more special than a superficial catchy word or phrase that someone might remember.  The name is truly the heart of what my bakery starts for...sweet memories.

But that's not it; the name wasn't enough.

Since Larry did suffer from Diabetes and it ultimitely took his life away from us way too early and this horrible disease is so prominent on both sides of my family, I wanted to do something to give back.  so for each order placed with {Sweetsie's} Sweets & Treats, I will donate 10% of that order to the American Diabetes Association.  These donations will be given in his memory to help find a cure for this horrible disease.

I want to thank you for reading this today.  I hope you stop by and take a gander at all the yummies I offer over at {Sweetsie's} and even if you can't or won't purchase, please just take a look and leave me a message about what you're favorite is!


  1. I love Kim's website- y'all go check out those oreo stuffed cookies. Dang!

  2. ok girl I have to say you are becoming one of my favorite blog friends! I use to make Jewelry all the time with my Best Friend! We even went to craft fairs and sold it! Did really well too! Hope your have a great day!

    1. I'm all about some craft fairs.
      I know where have you been my blog life? ;)

  3. Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog and letting me tell my story about {Sweetsie's}! I'm so excited about the opening of my sweet shop! Thank you again!


    1. Oh girl, you're welcome to post on my blog anytime you want. I've also added your blog to my list on the left side. Big hugs my sweet angel. Why must Ohio be so far away?

    2. And I'm with Monica up there! You are quickly becoming one of my favorites!

  4. Hi Holli!
    I am Sweetsie. I so appreciate you having Kim as your guest! And now that I can see the keyboard thru the tears I want to say that {Sweetsie's} Sweets and Treats will be a big success! It already is for me because it is giving me memories!

    Linda AKA Sweetsie :)

    1. Hi Mrs Sweetsie, it's always an honor to have an amazing woman be a guest post. Your Kim is one of my new BFF's now and I couldn't be more proud of her. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and please come back and see me sometime.


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