Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My repost about my thoughts on voting

I posted this last month as a guest post but since today is THE VOTING DAY, i thought it was good for a repeat. Get out there people and vote. I dont care who you vote for but it's our right to vote and have a voice.

I don’t know about you but I’m so over the politics — debates and election — of 2012. The commercials are on my nerves and November 6 can’t come soon enough. Politics are a private matter for me, and it’s been that way since I started voting at age 18.
The emotions coming from coworkers, family members, and Facebook friends are very strong and, in some instances, cruel and mean.  I’ve even seen comments threatening to un-friend anyone who disagrees with their political candidate or opinion.
You’re willing to dismiss all opinions that differ from yours to the point you don’t care?? Hmm, let me know how that goes when the election is over and you need a friend!!!! Sometimes, I want to un-friend a person for being so obnoxious!!!!! But I won’t. Regardless, nobody’s going to convince me to vote their direction in response to inappropriate statements and rants.
Facebook and Twitter have mostly been the two places that I see the political rants day and night. Perhaps, now that I think about it, I should unplug from both social networks so I am not exposed to all the angry comments. I have no intentions of telling anyone WHO I’m voting for, but I promise you I AM voting. I believe we all have a voice and our vote counts.
In the meantime, and the rants continue, I’m going to enjoy the light-hearted cartoons such as these I found on Pinterest:


  1. I hear ya girl. Tomorrow Facebook will be plastered with posts from sore winners and sore losers. I'm not looking forward to that either.

  2. Great post! I voted last Thursday and was very impressed with how well organized they were. There was a line, but it moved quickly. While you're at the polls, thank all those wonderful volunteers! They have a tough job! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    1. I voted last Thursday too. It scared me out at first because the line was so long but it moved very quickly. I did it on my lunch hour and still had time to grab lunch.

  3. You go girl... I agree 100% People can be so stupid an immature at times!

  4. Lol, these ecards are Awesome! Found you via that Dusty girl! ;)

    1. Thanx for stopping by and commenting Makaila! Come back and visit. :) That Dusty girl is too awesome.

  5. Hi Holli,
    Love the political cards...lol.
    I found your blog from Blogaholics (Bloggers with no kids).
    Please feel free to stop by my blog anytime! I'm at www.threecatsandagirl.com.
    Cheers! Sarah


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