Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Part 2 - My vacation with the love of my life

Hey y'all, how's everyone doing today? Yesterday sucked so I wont even talk about it and plus i'd rather think back on my fun vacation in Galveston Texas. As mentioned in my previous post, Todd and I drove to Galveston for a nice long weekend away from Dallas. We thought about it and it's the first time we've been out of town alone and stayed in a hotel since we've been dating. We took the Harley to Oklahoma and stayed with my brother a few months ago but it doesnt count because we stayed with them.
We got a late start heading that way because unfortunately Todd had to make a few sales calls to wrap his day up before we could leave. I was sad that it may be dark by the time we got there and i wouldnt be able to enjoy the beach but i drove like a determined woman and got there in enough time to watch the sunset.
One of the perks i have with traveling so much with my job is that i get to keep my airline miles and my hotel points. I used most of my Hilton points this stay and it was so worth it. We booked our rooms at the Hampton Inn and it was directly across the street from the beach. I couldnt have asked for a better location. I was so excited because they also upgraded me to a suite that had a big room- with a living area and bar with microwave, refrigerator and sink. One thing we also made time for was the hot tub outside near the pool area. Oh that was the most awesome relaxing thing to do before we went to bed!
We walked on the beach EVERY morning and also every night. The beach is magical for me and it's truly my happy place.  You know for only 5 hours away, i've got to go more often.
When we left Galveston that Sunday ,our vacation still wasnt over yet. We had tickets to the RUSH concert with Todd's best friend Rob in Houston. Again, i used my Hilton points and got us a room at the gorgeous Hilton of America's downtown.  I originally had a room with a balcony overlooking the skyline but we got into Houston earlier than planned and our room wasnt ready. I was grateful that Hilton let us check in so early that i took the next avialable room and it didnt disappoint. It was on the 17th floor and it still had a great view. We had a few drinks in the lobby bar and chilled before we met Rob and his wife Karen for dinner. We ate dinner at the coolest Tex Mex restuarant that used to be a movie theatre. It was called El Real and they played old black and white westerns on the screen. The best part was that RUSH performed at the Toyota Stadium that was directly across the street so we just walked over and didnt have to mess with any parking at all. We had so much at the concert and it was my first time to see them play. RUSH is Todd's fave band ever so he has lost count at how many times he saw them play. The best part was seeing Todd visit with his best friend Rob. There's nothing better than hanging out with your most closest friend ever. This was my first time meeting Rob and i was so nervous but i think i passed the test. We all got along great and we had so much fun hanging out before the concert, at the concert, and afterwards too.

Taking the time out to just focus on each other was really needed for Todd and I. It gave us lots of time to enjoy one another and talk about all things big and small. I'm glad we did this and i cant wait until our next trip wherever and whenever it will be. 
I have to share one of my most embarrassing moments with y'all though. There happened to be a Wal-mart walking distance from our hotel in Galveston and Todd forgot to grab his bathing suit. We walked over there and for whatever reason i looked down and burst out laughing so hard. I had on 2 different flip flops on and it made me think of those hysterical WalMart emails with all the crazy clothes people wear. I cant believe i did that and the best part is that we had come back from having dinner so i had them on at the restuarant before we walked to Walmart. Now the sad part is somewhere between Galveston, Houston, and home i lost my other mate to my cute black Harley Davidson flip flops and i'm so bummed!! Oh well.
Now here are tons of pictures but not all of them or we would be here for days....

The night we arrived- had drink from fishing pier

A tradition i do everytime im at beach- pic of feet in sand

Galveston Pleasure Pier

At night -Pleasure pier

Yep- me at Walmart with 2 mismatched shoes

View from Hilton hotel room

Night time view from room

My honey enjoying drink in Hotel lobby bar

Gorgeous light in the Hilton lobby

El Real Tex Mex movie theater

Western movie playing in background

Getty Lee- ugliest man in rock and roll

In the Hilton lobby before concert


  1. What wonderful photos! I'm so glad you had a good time. What in the world do you think happened to that one flip flop? -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    1. It's a mystery to me! I think its under the bed in the hotel. I called them but they said they didnt find it. :( poo!

  2. Wow does look like so much fun! Love the pics and it's good you're in with the friends now ;)

    1. I was crazy nervous! It sucks that we live in different cities and it took so long to meet them.


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