Wednesday, February 20, 2013

ANOTHER set of ABC's about me

Hey y’all, I stumbled upon another set of questions regarding the ABC’s ( I tweaked a few questions myself). I promise it will be last for a while! Truth be told I have so much going on that these posts are fun and easy right now. I apologize for lack of creativity on my blog this week. In meantime you can learn 26 more facts all about me.
A-     Available or married? – In between (engaged and super excited to be married)
B-      Book- last book I read was The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice
C-      Cake or pie- honestly where does cobbler fit in? I love peach cobblers, blackberry cobblers, etc
D-     Drink of choice for fun- easy answer WINE
E-      Essential everyday item- truly my iphone. I can pinterest ,twitter, facebook, and stay connected with the phone function too.  Oh and I just added the blogger app to my phone. Its sad I know.
F-      Favorite social media- well I just listed many in above answer but I would have to say Facebook. I can keep up with pictures of my nieces, brother, friends, etc  (especially when I travel a lot)
G-     Game to watch or play? – games to watch would be Dallas Cowboys (yep I love them now hush!), and game to play is scrabble
H-     Hometown- Dallas,Texas
I-        Indulgence- lipglosses/eos balls
J-       Job (what was first job)- my first paying job was babysitting but my first official job that took taxes out was being a checker at Walmart in the food stand ( they don’t have those anymore-been replaced by McDonalds or Subways, etc)
K-      Kiss (first boy/girl)- I kissed my first boy in 6th grade playing spin the bottle at friends bday party. His name was David. It was awkward and no tongue of course!
L-       Life is incomplete without? –my sweetest fiancé
M-   Music group or singer- probably groups but just too hard to answer. Music is my passion.
N-     Number of pets- zero. I’m not happy about this but its not forever. My fiancé knows that it’s a must once we settle down in a home.
O-     Oranges or apples- oranges for sure but only if someone would peel them for me
P-      Phobias?- I HATE snakes and driving over large bodies of water on bridge with windows up. ( I’m weird- deadly afraid that my car will drive off bridge and that I cant open the windows because theyre electric)
Q-     Quiet time (how)- in evenings on couch playing with ipad
R-      Reason to smile- Life , I’m blessed with amazing fiancé, family, friends, job, my wedding, blogger friends/followers
S-      Season- Fall! I love being able to wear my boots , scarves, and sweaters, football season
T-      Tattoos- yep -3 with 2 in the drawing stages
U-     Unknown fact about me-  my front tooth is actually a fake cap. I’ve broke it twice as a kid.
V-     Vacation (last or future)- my last vacation was in December for a quick weekend in Galveston. (3 days are enough for me) We’re heading to an antique town in Hill country next month for another quick weekend.
W-   Worst habit- I’m a born professional Worrier! I hate that about myself. I must have more Faith and not try to handle it all myself.
X-      Xray- hard to come up with new question I guess with this letter. My last xray was at dental exam last month
Y-      Your favorite food- southern comfort foods (chicken fried steak, mac and cheese, cornbread or Mexican food)
Z-      Zodiac- Taurus – bull headed ?what? not me. hahaha


  1. Right there with ya wine drinkin' sista and fall luvin' football fanatic!!!

    1. Sweet! I knew you and i had lots in common.

  2. Are you a fellow Anne Rice fan??!! What did you think of The Wolf Gift. I thought it was very good!

    1. I loved it and i think by way it ended there will be sequel- didnt you?

  3. I love fall too especially here in Florida after the summer heat that feels like it will never end ... it's great to finally get some cooler weather.

    World According to Shia

    1. I hear ya! Texas is unbearable hot for most of the year.

  4. Replies
    1. you too? i fit the whole profile of a Taurus to a "t"!

  5. my front tooth is fake too! have we ever talked about this? lol!

  6. Just bestowed you with another award -

  7. So I never thought of the bridge and window thing but now I will all the time. Makes damn sense to me. And I love how you said cobbler instead of pie or cake. Southern girls love them some cobbler. Cherry I might add! Loves u!

  8. you're a taurus so that means your bday is coming up!! I am a capricorn and supposedly we get along well with taurus's and virgo's! :)


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