Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day- my past and my present

I love Valentines! Seriously ever since we were kids and got to decorate our brown bags with hearts and our names on it. Valentines meant we would have the PTA moms bring cupcakes and punch and we would get to party for at least an hour while we hand out our valentine’s. What’s wrong with wanting just a little “extra” attention on this day? I passed out a few boxes of the candy hearts to my coworkers today.
I have never really mentioned at all my EX-boyfriend but I am just talking about an experience with Valentines.  We dated for 8 years and he made a point to tell me that he didn’t believe in Valentines therefore didn’t celebrate it by  buying cards,flowers, etc.  He proclaimed the whole “Hallmark Made up Holiday” and I was deflated.  I cant NOT buy a  card or a little chocolate for Valentines if I’m dating someone, So I did. He would get mad at me because of course he was empty-handed and embarrassed for not doing anything.  We dated for 8 years and finally after the 3rd year , I stood up to him. I told him that I celebrate Valentines whether he liked it or not  and that I wasn’t going to let him steal my joy and make me feel bad! After that he would get me a card or make dinner but no gifts. I was happy just with that.  What’s cute is that this didn’t sit well AT ALL with my sweet grandmother (Nanny). After I finally broke up with him, the first thing Nanny said was “good, maybe now you can find a man that will celebrate Valentines with you and not be such a horses ass”!

Now on to happier times, this is the 2nd Valentines to spend with my love of my life and fiancĂ©. He is so amazing and loving and truthfully I’m about to get very sappy here but its Valentines with him EVERYDAY! Being with someone that loves me back as much I love them is just mind-blowing! We’re planning a wedding so honestly we are not doing anything extravagant with so much going on. In fact , I think we’re gonna jump on the Harley tonight and go have dinner with some friends of ours. Nothing is sexier than being on the back of the Harley behind my man in his leathers. Yumm!  I bought him a helium balloon last night that was a heart and said Happy Valentines and a bag of his favorite munchies. He loves all things pretzels so I bought him different pretzels snacks and lots of chocolates.  The gift was small but everything had thought to it. I hid it in my closet last night before he got home and put everything out on his desk this morning since I leave before he’s out of bed. I also printed out lots of cute valentines printables I found from Pinterest with hearts , love, and sweet sayings. I put those out around his gift bag too.

My sweetest Honey,
I still cant believe that I could ever be this happy. I never could have dreamed or imagined this is really how it feels to TRULY love someone and be loved.
  I love that I cant wait to come home every night after work to you.
  I will never get tired of you telling me that “you missed me today”.
  I love that our relationship grew so effortlessly and seamless.
You feel like home to me. Comfy and cozy and surrounded in love.
I love the silly songs you make up every single day.
I love that we get each other with both our warped sense of humor.
I love that I’m actually tearing up while typing this and smiling at same time while thinking of you.
You are my everything and I cant wait to get old with you and spend the rest of our lives together.

Last Christmas i made Todd the cute craft with a deck of cards and 52 things I love about him. I should take picture and show ya’ll because it turned out so cute!

Happy Valentines to all of you and especially to any of you single girls that are feeling left out. Just know that your friends and family love you and you’re so special to many people today and everyday.


  1. What a sweet post! Have a great evening! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. Love the post chica! Happy Valentines Day to you!!!

  3. Happy V-Day to you! It seems you obviosuly love this day and you have the right guy by your side!


  4. Everything you say about your man is true for me also :) He is my second partner, i was previously married for 29 years, and with him it just feels right, comfortable and easy. I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day xx

    I came by via the blog hop and just started following you on GFC, would love you to check out my blog too, if you like it it would be great if you followed back too.
    Angela xx

  5. Very sweet post!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, following :)


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