Thursday, February 7, 2013

Its Ok Thursdays

·         That I ate cereal last night for dinner while my man was having dinner with his kids. I don’t get off work in enough time to join them once a week.
·         That I kinda enjoy having one night to watch my Ellen shows I have DVR’d and Pinterest at the same time in my alone time.
·         That I cant sit still from excitement for this weekend. I’m trying on wedding dresses this Saturday in case you  didn’t read yesterday’s post.
·         That one of my girlfriends is staying the night with me tomorrow because she lives the farthest out and it will be like a slumber party. We’re gonna practice my hairstyles (updos).
·         I’m NOT excited about having to try on dresses that are 2 sizes bigger because I heard that’s how they run. Yikes!
·         I splurged this morning and bought Starbucks and I don’t feel guilty
·         I had cobb salad for lunch but with blue cheese dressing and it was nothing healthy about it but so delish!
·         That I’m just now posting but have been swamped at work today and writing this while listening to conference call
·         We’re celebrating a coworkers promotion today and I have the most awesome yummiest strawberry cake on my desk for snack later
·         It’s OK that 3 of my points today were food related.
·         While sitting at my desk right now my jeans are unbuttoned. Ugh!
·         It feels like Christmas every week that I receive a brooch from someone. I literally almost cry.
·         I lost 3 followers this week then gained 2 so I’m down one. I pay attention to this stuff y'all! I am so happy for every single follower I have on this blog!!
·         I’m so excited that I can sleep 30 minutes later tomorrow since I work from home on Friday’s.  Sweet!!


  1. I am SOOOO excited for Saturday. The big daddy camera will be in hand for this!

  2. 30 minutes can make SUCH a difference!

  3. Ok, it's so ok that 90% of the time i wear jeans, i never button them! hahah..i just feel more comfortable NOT buttoning them because im always in sitting mode! I am glad you splurged and treated yourself to starbucks :)

  4. Your hair is so pretty! Post pix of all the dos! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures


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