Monday, February 18, 2013

The ABC's of just little ol me!

A few bloggers posted on the ABC’s of Me and thought it would be fun to participate in myself:

A-     Age: 44
B-      Bedsize: King
C-      Chore you Hate: Dusting
D-     Drink of Choice: Sweet Tea
E-      Essential start to your day item : toothbrush
F-      Favorite color: Orange
G-     Gold or Silver: Silver (or white gold)
H-     Height: 5’2”
I-        Instruments I play(ed)-I own very cool guitar and took lessons but too long ago. I took piano class in elementary school and teacher asked my mom to withdraw me.
J-       Job : Corporate Trainer for Distribution company (18 years this September)
K-      Kids: 2 stepkids ) a boy and a girl and 4 lovely nieces who I adore with every ounce of me.
L-       Living arrangement: I live with my fiancé in 3 bedroom apartment (saving for  a house)
M-   Mom’s name: Donna . My future MIL’s name is Dail.
N-     Nicknames: Holligirl, Hollikins, HolliBolly ( yes we still sound like we’re 10 when my friends are together)
O-     Overnight hospital stay: 4 years ago I had cyst the size of grapefruit that ruptured.
P-      Pet Peeve: smacking and popping your gum
Q-     Quote from a movie:  From Steel Magnolias “In a good shoe, I wear a size six, but a seven feels so good, I buy a size eight.”
R-      Right or left handed: Right
S-      Siblings: one brother- Jeremy , one step brother-Draeger, and one step sister- Rachelle
T-      Time I wake up:  6 am is when alarm goes off but I’m usually awake before. I don’t sleep much.
U-     Underwear: depends on the occasion of course but daily work underwear is comfy cotton
V-     Vegetables I dislike: Most all of them. Its easier to list which ones I DO like. I DETEST Brussels sprouts though
W-   What makes you run late: changing my outfit at last minute
X-      X-rays I’ve had: too many to mention. I’ve broken my ankle, arm, and toe. Twisted my knee and back. My last Xray was my back and it’s pretty jacked up!
Y-      Yummy food I make: no secret that I don’t cook much but my one signature meal is chicken with white wine sauce,artichokes and mushrooms, and angel hair pasta.
Z-      Zoo favorite: its been years since I ‘ve been to a zoo but I enjoyed seeing a Sloth up close. 

Happy Monday Y'all! Dont forget to be thinking about your music post you want to link up with tomorrows Tunes on Tuesday.


  1. Wow - learnt a whole load about you here.

    1. a few things here and there- huh?!

  2. Sweet tea, now that's where it's at! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    1. I drink it at work in the mornings but what i meant to say was wine. LOL

  3. You had me at sweet tea. But you already knew that about me. Sending you a big ol' hug!!!!

    1. I'll take that hug and raise you two!

  4. I might just do that on my blog- and you may regret it...

    1. I'll have it posted in a minute or two. You'll see.

  5. Don't know if I would reveal all my true self - you are brave!

    That's a bunch of broken bones. Ouch!


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