Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday's Tunes


I'm really enjoying this song on the radio when i need some heavy metal rock. This is a Danish band called Volbeat and this song is called Warriors Call.  Its about a Danish boxer. I think this song should be played now during sporting events.

The Foo Fighters is one of my most favorite rock bands ever and i never get tired of listening to their Cd's! Dave Grohl has come a long way since being the drummer in Nirvana.

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  1. Linked up this week :) Dave has come a long way, I was furious for a while after Kurt killed himself, that Dave would take off and become a lead man like that, but ya know .. I was a disturbed teenager back then. He's good at what he does!! Happy Tuesday!

  2. The Foo Fighters are fantastic! And I really do like that first song.

  3. Love these music choices! Volbeat and Foo Fighters rock!


  4. Great choices! My younger son's band covered this Foo song and it was also the finale song at his band-mates' dad's funeral recently. Just adding that I totally love Queens Of The Stone Age's ''No-One Knows", class! I haven't heard of the first band but I'll quiz the guys about them when they're back!


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