Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mother of the Bride dress- Anthropologie

I want to start by saying i am in NO way form or fashion being compensated by Anthropologie for what i'm about to write here. They have no clue who i am much but i just want everyone to know how happy i am with them. A week ago today when my phone fried and i had to go to Apple store, i got there before my appointment and Apple told me to leave and come back at my appointed time.  SO, 2 doors down was an Anthropologie store. The only good part that came from that night!  My sweet little Mom lives in very remote Montana and there are seriously no stores but Walmart and Three Bears grocery store.  Dallas has the best shopping so i told her i would be on the lookout for a dress to wear to my wedding. My wedding is in August so we all  know its going to be brutally hot. My goal was to find something sleek and elegant but also comfortable and cool.
I was in the store ot 5 minutes when i saw THE DRESS! My colors for the wedding are Orange and Silver so i was looking at anything in the Coral or Gray family but really anything that caught my attention. I find this nice very pale gray accordion dress that is tea-length and has built in slip. Its that perfect dress that you can really dress up or even slap on some cute sandals and dress down.
 My true concern though is the return policy.  Mom lives on the base of a mountain with no real address so UPS is out of the question. She has a PO BoX that i have to send postal. I was talking out loud when i saw this dress- like OMG this is perfect! I was holding it up and when the sales girl came by asked if i wanted to try it on and if i needed any help. I asked what their return policy was and almost fell over when she told me. The return policy is so AMAZINGLY flexible. They have a store member club card called the Anthro club. Once you sign up for that, you get a little card for your keychain. The best part is that every purchase is recorded under your club number and its on file in case you lose your receipt. WHAT?! How cool!
To be able to send to my mom in Montana , let her try it on and have her send back to me is so refreshing that there's no rush end date.  Now the best part is that i sent to Mom priority and she got it on Tuesday of this week. It fits her perfect and she absolutely loves it so i need not worry about any return policy.  She is so cute because when she called me to tell me she received the dress, she said "i've tried it on 3 times already because it makes me feel beautiful".  She said it fits like it was tailor made by her.  Now all that is left to complete her outfit is some shoes and some cute accessories. I'm thinking one of those trendy bib necklaces that is so popular right now. We shall see.
Here is the dress off the website but it is so much prettier in person.

I just really enjoy shopping where there is great customer service.  I am so relieved to have one more thing checked off my list of wedding to-do's. 


  1. What a gorgeous dress! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    1. Thank you. I loved it and so happy that Mom loved it more. Such a relief.

  2. ooh what a pretty dress! i LOVE anthro. I have one item of clothing from them that i bought with a giftcard I happened to win in a giveaway last year! There are so many things they have that i swoon over! So glad your mama has the perfect dress for your wedding now :)

  3. Love the dress! Your mom will be stunning!!

  4. Hi Holli! I love that dress!! It is beautiful and simple! Doesn’t if feel great to check one more thing off of your wedding list? I know what that is like and can appreciate that good feeling like stuff is getting done. I am so excited for you! On the day of your wedding, enjoy each moment because it goes by fast….too fast. I cannot believe you use to work in Brooklyn Park! That is pretty close to Burnsville. I like Minnesota…..when it is not snowing. Lol Hopefully it warms up in Texas for you all.

  5. Awesome! I love that store too! You must've gone to the Apple store in Southlake? I did the same when I took my phone in a month ago!

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