Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday Tunes

Some of my favorites from the 80's today.
When the Safety Dance came on, my friends knew it was MY song. I loved dancing to it and the video is so cheesy and funny.  Oh and it will for sure be played at my wedding.  Here are the Men without Hats.

I was glued to MTV in the 80's and  i knew every video there was. So whats funny is when i hear a song from back then,i want to imitate the dance they used in video. No better song explains that , then when i hear Love is a Battlefield by Pat Benatar.

  You have to shimmy shimmy when you hear this song!
Let's all shimmy together and have a great Tuesday! Dont forget to link up and tell everyone about this fun music party we have every Tuesday.

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Safety Dance is one of my ALL time favorite songs and I really needed a pick me up today. MMMMMWWWWWAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

  2. Safety Dance!! AWESOME! I loved MTV in the 80's and 90's. Those were the good days, now it's all crap tv :/ Happy Tuesday HOlli

  3. I remember Pat on Friday Night Videos. Men W/O hats, sorry to say, did little for me, I'm afraid. Of course I'm a seventies child and much of the eighties was hit and miss for me.

  4. I don't remember Safety Dance at all but I do remember Pat Benetar. Love that song of hers. My sister would often say that song was the theme song of her first divorce.


  5. Great minds think alike. I was listening to my 80's hair bands on the way home and singing at the top of of my lungs.

  6. Oh gosh, Pat Benetar. That voice! That hair! That fashion!!!

  7. Safety Dance was so cheesy, but Pat Benatar's video was cheesier! I was a big fan of Pats' but the lady can not dance!

    Shadows of the Night and Hell is For Children I could always watch!


  8. Oh, isn't safety dance one of the funnest songs ever? It's weird and catchy, and I love it!

  9. The Safety Dance will go down as a 'why' classic - but you still can't help watching it - and showing the kid's it!

  10. I have given you an awesome award - http://www.lifecherries.com/2013/04/sharing-love-more-awards.html


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