Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me- I'm so grateful to be alive and healthy

In about 2 minutes I will officially be 45 years old. As I am writing this post , the love of my life is in the hospital 20 minutes away. I can tell you that all I want for my birthday is for my fiancĂ© to be home with me safe and sound. Please know that my honey will be OK but its been a very long week. He was admitted on Tuesday around 1pm into ICU and today he was downgraded into real room. I’m begging you to cross your fingers and pray that he gets released tomorrow. Sleeping alone and trying to rest with so much going on in my head is pointless. So I have been quite productive in these wee hours at night.
 A friend of mine at work had helped me design my wedding invitations and response cards. I saved design to a thumb drive, ordered some very fancy expensive paper online and had Kinko’s print them out for me. All in all , I have spent 190.00$ on the invites. A friend of mine works for a paper company and I had recently arranged a stack of nice moving boxes for her from my company so in return I get free envelopes. Sweet! The kicker is that I have had to hand cut each and every invite and response card by hand. I didn’t have them with me at the hospital the last few days so every night at home I’ve cut at least 12 sheets. Today however I DID remember to take a large handful with me and cut several at the hospital while Todd was on conference call. Yep you read right, Todd asked me to bring his laptop because he had a mandatory conference call he couldn’t miss tonight. My good news is that I’m completely done with cutting out all my invites. WooHoo! My hand is cramping like crazy but so worth it. Next I need to start stuffing them in envelopes and get them out in the mail. As far as wedding stuff, I have all the vintage hankies needed ( washed but not ironed yet) and I have the thank you sheets that are not cut yet. Joy to the World! I think I’m getting some bigger scissors with larger thumb holes. At my age relationships are what matters most. Birthday gifts are not expected or needed- Just my loved ones to be with me or around me. I am looking forward to spending some relaxing alone time with my honey.
Everyone have a nice weekend and love on all your family and friends.
Cutting at hospital, Todd rocking the gown in background

Cutting away

Full sheet included invite with 2 response cards

Final stacks - silver and orange


  1. Golly! What a week! I wish we lived closer so I could come over! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    ((Holli)) Happy Birthday!

  2. Firstly - what is the matter with your other half? Hope he is ok / going to be ok.
    Secondly - happy birthday and hope all your dreams come true. Mine is in less than 2 weeks (found an email iI was not supposed to the other day - surprise party been arranged for me at Harley Davidson in Sandton, Johannesburg - so really excited!
    Lots of love and best wishes for today xx

  3. Oh my Holli. I had no idea. I guess it's too late now for me to tell him which part of the hospital gown goes to the front...huh? Seriously, you have my prayers that he comes home this weekend. I don't think sharing a hospital dinner tray counts as a birthday dinner, BUT if anyone could make it's you two.
    Prayers and love from here at the Casita de Trash,

  4. Wow, your birthday this week too, eh? Have a great one!

  5. Good golly, Miss Holli!!! You've got a lot on your plate!

    First, I wish you a most wonderful 45th birthday!!! Second, I'm adding Todd to my list of prayers. I hope for a speedy recovery! Third, lovin those invites!!!!!


  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! When it rains it should have called me to help with the cutting....I thrive on that kind of stuff. Not to mention, I am ready to address those babies....just call me, I will come and pick them up from you - plus, I have a gifty poo. Call me....I sent you a text. Sending big hugs and prayers your way! xoxo

  7. Hope you have a great birthday!

    Sorry to hear about your hubs. Hope he will be ok and back home soon. I hate hospitals but thank god we have them when needed!

  8. Happy belated birthday!! I hope your honey is feeling better and home. And your invites are too cute! :)

  9. Happy Birthday!! Sorry to hear about your man...praying for him.

  10. OH my Todd ok now!? I feel like a horrible friend because i missed your bday! see what I get for not checking my email box for days..ugh! Happy birthday Holli!!! and those invites are soo darling! I love em. :)


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