Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday's Tunes

Good morning everyone- Happy Tuesday to you!  I have so many songs going on in my head from listening to the radio on way to work. I listen mostly to classic Rock in the mornings but i change the channels in between all the commercials.

I am starting out with one of my favorites from the 80's with Stevie Nicks and Don Henley. Leather and Lace. I loved the song from the second it came out.

This next song is by the Pet Shop Boys who were also an 80's fave of mine. They had a few great songs but i always liked this one because i was a waitress in college down in the WestEnd  section of Dallas.
West End Girls

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 As always though, thank you for stopping by!!!


  1. WOW, you certainly delivered on your promise to post some awesome tunes this week. Now I'm cranked for the day!

  2. Awesome tunes Holli!! Love both of these!


  3. Two more really good tunes. Always liked the foggy, almost apocalyptic mood to WEG.

  4. You always pick out such good music, and always very different choices. Pet Shop Boys have a lot of good tunes.


  5. These certainly are great songs. I love this blog hop it always introduces me to some really great music.

  6. Hope you had a fabulous Tuesday, I missed the link up again this week.. Argle!


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