Sunday, June 9, 2013

Minted- The one stop shop for all wedding stuff

Hey Y'all, how's everyones weekend been so far? A few days ago i signed up for a giveaway to win some free business cards through Minted on someones blog. I didnt win BUT someone from Mint came across my blog and i was asked to blog a post about their website to show off some of their wedding invitations they have to choose from. Unfortunately , I already have my wedding invitations ready to go and are about to be in the mail. I love this website though and i am super excited because i think i found my thank you cards to use after the wedding.
The website is:  and i want to show you some of my favorites i came across. If you are planning a wedding or know someone who is, you have to check out this website. I love their stuff and i am sad i just found them AFTER i already made mine. One part i love about the website is their Inspiration Boards. I think that is so clever and i love to see other brides ideas.  Click HERE to see more of the boards.

These were my favorite invitations i saw and wanted you to see how dang  cute these are.

My invitations look very close to this style so i love it

I think i want these

I would have totally gone with this one! Love it
For a wedding at a winery , how cute is that Little Wine Charmers Invite?! Minted has some very classic, unique styles that has a style for every one.
Minted isnt just wedding invitations though. They also do business cards, party invitations for any occasion, birth announcements, you name it.  I'm so excited that i was asked to let you guys know about this website.


  1. I am looking for new business cards! I'll check out their site. -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. Super cute stuff!!! Wedding invites sure have come a long way!!

  3. Looks like they do some nice work. I do like the one with the wine bottle and glass.

  4. I love the first wedding invite! I bet you are getting so excited to begin that new chapter in your life my dear! I'm excited for you!



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