Monday, June 3, 2013

Some randomness today

I was on the Harley all day yesterday and with all that fresh country air i lost my voice. My allergies are killing me and i'm curently on Craigslist looking for a full-faced helmet. I think it will do me good.
I wish i was home to eat some of my new fave ice cream by Blue Bell ( made in Texas). Italian Cream Cake- Oh my!

On Saturday we got a knock on the door from a Fedex delivery guy and i was so excited to show Todd the beverage napkins i ordered for the wedding. I was in shock to open them up and see they are printed on Hunter green. We can no way use these at the wedding. I called the online place i ordered from and they made sure i checked off the color orange originally. Thank goodness it was an error on their end and not mine. They should be here by Thursday! Thats customer service folks.

Lovely but wrong color

Speaking of customer service, my nightmare at Davids Bridal continues. When i dropped my dress off for alterations and the bustle added, i was told my dress would be ready in May. No certain date or appointment was made with me. I thought it was strange but i thought Oh well- they will just call me or email when its ready. SO, last Tuesday i called since it was the end of May and i have bridal portraits scheduled this weekend and i needed my dress. Come to find out they've had my dress ready since May 1 and NO ONE bothered to call me or email me. I had to hunt it down myself. I asked to speak to manager and all they said was there was a checkmark by my name indicating to them that i was contacted. I feel that i should have been called every fricking day if my dress is ready. They really dont care about the brides once they get their money! Good news is that the alterations went good and i have the dress in my hands- safe and sound.

On the wedding topic i wanted to show you how funmy centerpieces are turning out. My friend Holly is decoupaging a different pic one each bottle for the tables. I love them!

Last weekend we jumped on the bike and went to a Memorial Day party at a Harley dealership in Ft Worth. I have lots of pics that i will split up and show some today and another day.

Badass skull paint job i saw
Have a great Monday and dont forget tomorrow is Tuesday Tunes.


  1. Zach and I were not near as excited about Italian Cream Cake as we are about the Red Velvet...does that really surprise I love your napkins....and so glad that you got great customer service when there was a problem. I had a lot of trouble with David's Bridal when I bought my dress YEARS ago...sad to hear that things have not changed there. So glad that your dress is altered and it is ready for you in time for your portraits!

  2. 'Love that centerpiece! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. I like the pictures on the bottles. I found a fun pin where you fill jars with olive oil (or something like that) and then put a black and white picture in the jar. I was thinking about trying that with the clear wine bottles. I can't believe that about your dress, I'd be angry too!

  4. Hunter green, orange... easy mistake...

  5. OMG I LOVE those centerpieces. What an excellent idea!!! So sorry about the dress adding unnecessary stress to your life right now. Get on that Harley and ease that stress away!

  6. Love Blue Bell ice cream! They carry it here at Hill Country BBQ in NYC. Italian Cream Cake just sound so deliciously wrong!

  7. First off, love the tank on the bike! Very cool!

    Secondly, however, more importantly, David's Bridal is a P.I.T.A! Seriously!

    Every time I've had an experience with them, I've had nothing but problems. They aren't very efficient and I think it's because of their volume of work they have and the steady stream of brides and bridesmaids they have going in and out their doors.

    Hang in there! Hope your pics turn out beautiful!!! I know they will!

    The hubby and I have decided that both of us need bikes (motorcycles) so that we can find people around the area with similar interests and start getting back into the active lifestyle! I'm so excited. He got rid of his bike just before our move to Ohio and I'm glad we are going to do this little adventure together!

    Love the wine bottle as well!



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