Friday, August 16, 2013

15 days to go- Its really happening



Good morning! I am so happy today is Friday and I get to work from home today to keep my Mom company. She flew in from Montana yesterday and its SO great to see her! This is very hard to say outloud but its been 2 years since we've seen each other. Not from lack of trying though. Last year i booked a ticket and then she became very ill and didnt want any company. She was in and out of hospital and then days where she didnt get out of bed. Lupus F**king sucks and it brings on added stress and complications to her litle body. Then once it becomes winter, its nearly impossible to get to her house and she's hours from a real airport. Mom lives in such a remote town and the highways get closed off due to snow and ice. SOOOO, a year went by without a visit.
  Todd and Mom have never really met face to face before. She has spoken to him several times on the phone and has known him for years because of our long friendship before we started dating. Todd was so cute yesterday because he was a little nervous anticipating meeting her. I went to the office for work because i had some online training classes that i had to teach and when i called the airlines to check on Mom's flight- it said that it was scheduled to land at 11:27 and i looked down at clock and it was 11:07. Holy cow- Mom's arriving in 20 minutes!! I jumped in my truck and drove very fast to airport which is fortunately not too far from DFW. After i parked and got to baggage claim, i wasnt there 5 minutes when Mom came out. She was starving and craving Mexican food so we met Todd at a nearby restuarant for lunch. I happened to have my phone(camera) in hand when they were getting out of the cars and met for the very first time. Todd bought Mom some beautiful flowers for her and she was ecstatic! Smooth move honey! After lunch , i had to drive back to office for one more presentation i had to do so Mom went home with Todd and that gave them some time to talk and hang out.
 We're taking Mom to East Texas tomorrow to Nanny's house where she will stay all next week so my aunt and uncle can have real visit time in, then she will be with me the week of the wedding. I am feeling more confident every day that my wedding is starting to take shape and will actually turn out to be nice and fun. I am SO grateful for my girlfriends Julie and Holly who have helped me out tremendously! In meantime, i've visited Dad at the house and he's so happy to be sleeping in his own bed and in his big comfy chair with wall size TV. I will spend a night with them next week so Deb can leave the house and have a break. Taking care of her job, the ranch, and Dad is a lot of work and i'm happy to help when i can. I found an old picture of Dad on his Harley that we bought from him and me on my sportster. Good times and memories!


  1. I cannot tell you how happy I am that YOU are happy and finally enjoying these last couple of weeks before the makes my heart sing! Your mom is precious and I love the pics of her and Todd finally meeting face to face! Priceless! Love you!

  2. Oh my goodness, 15 short days til you say "I do!" So excited for you, sweet friend! How wonderful it must have been to see Todd and your mom embrace for the first time. Love it!
    Tell your mom this lupus warrior is rooting for her! <3

  3. 15 days! Woo hoo! It will be a wonderful day! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  4. I love reading the sound of laughter in your words. I'm smiling with you!
    That Todd...he really is the cat's meow isn't he?
    Love ya and so happy your daddy is home.

  5. Such wonderful news that everything is working out and you are able to spend time with your family. Just goes to show that good things happen to good people!

  6. Wow, just about two weeks to go! It doesn't matter how old we are we still get nervous meeting the parents!

  7. Only two more weeks to go!! I am so excited for you! The pictures of your mom and Todd meeting are priceless.


  8. What cracking bikes...! It's nice to see how things are developing - and I really can't wait for some wedding snaps!


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