Thursday, September 19, 2013

Getting to Know You- Texas Women's Bloggers

I’m linking up with my Texas Women’s Bloggers group today with a series Getting to know You. I missed last month’s because I was a little busy so I’m glad to catch this one. This months questions. 1. If you make money with your blog, how do you do it? The answer is I don’t. I have received a free book by writing a review and I received a credit to a wedding site for also writing a review and that’s it. Maybe one day I will look into it but that’s not anytime in my near future. 2. How do you increase your blog readership? I really do try to comment back and I used to be very active with giveaways, etc. I have since slowed way down and even lost a few followers along the way. Life happens like my Dad being in the hospital and planning a wedding at the exact same time. I did good to blog even when I did. 3. If you aren’t originally from Texas, what brought you here? I am an original born and bred Texan from Dallas 4. If someone were to hand you $10,000 (no strings attached), what would you do with it? Easy- I would have nice down payment for a house and we could move out of our apartment. 5. If you were a color, what color would you be? Hmmm, its not secret that orange is my fave color so I would go with that most of the time. There are times though that I feel quite Gray or is Grey? 6. What are your blogging strengths? Weaknesses? Lets start with weaknesses- I blog in my spare time at work ( I got to office at 7am today) but my work laptop does not play nice with Blogger. All of my posts turn out as one ugly paragraph now. I would say a strength is that I blog for myself and quit worrying about how many followers I have. I have literally met some amazing friends through this blog and I hope that my strength is my honesty and sincerity.
Getting to Know You Link Party with the Texas Women Bloggers


  1. How DO people make money from blogging???? That is a mystery to me. And yes my blogging friend, your strength is definitely your honesty and sincerity. I love your pure heart.

    1. They somehow find a topic or attract just the right crowd with what they do blog about. They also get involved with just the right advertising on their blogs. It's not easy and it's a lot of a full time job.

  2. Love your answers. I need to remember to forget about the numbers game. It really can derail a blog. And I LOVE orange too.

  3. Hello from another Texas Women Bloggers! I recently did a Photo Canvas review and giveaway on my blog and the company is looking for other bloggers to do it too. If you are interested, just email me- It was really easy and it is so nice to be able to have something new to decorate my house with. Have a great day!

  4. At this point just keep blogging and comment when you can. You have a lot going on right now. I don't make any money from blogging but I do get a lot of perks as free shows, meals, drinks, etc.

  5. Hey Holli! I agree with Phil up there! You have a lot going on my dear and it's hard to blog when you have other stuff going on.

    I tend to disappear from time to time because life gets in the way. But am learning that I have to make time for m and what I like to do.

    Hang in there! I'm not from Texas but I wish I were because you're there and we'd have all kinds of fun and cause trouble!

    The Bakery

  6. I hear ya on losing followers and not being as active on commenting/reading new blogs. I think I've lost 10-15 followers in the past 2 months. But, like you said, blog for you. With all the stresses you had going on, it is pretty damn impressive you had time to blog, and at the same time, be honest and open. To me, content trumps followers. I can't believe some of the bigger blogs I read... no content. My big dream as a blogger is to be able to have the chance to review beauty products. Hasn't happened yet, and I have no idea how to put myself out there to do so. Keep doing what you're doing! <3

  7. I'd rather have readers who are following me because of what I have to say instead of for giveaways. Hope you have a great day.


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