Friday, October 18, 2013

tsk tsk tsk! Open mouth insert foot for 2 celebrities all in same week.

If you havent heard by now there has been quite the flurry of angry and shocked audiences dealing with some pretty crazy statements said by 2 different celebrities. Martha Stewart insulted Bloggers and Judge Judy compared Lupus with Alcoholism and pretty much dismisses the true seriousness of the disease. I have feelings about both of these articles of course with me being a blogger and with my Mom and dear friend Marla both suffering from Lupus. I am disappointed in these ladies and have lost respect for both of them. I'm sure they will be sad to hear of that. LOL. Either way in my own little world, my opinion matters and this is how i feel. What do you say to this? Its appalling that both women would say such stupid things out of their mouths .Really all we can do is pray that listeners are able to not take every word as the truth and have their own opinions outside of these 2 women. I've read several letters written by other bloggers to Martha and there is a wonderful letter of response from Lupus foundation to Judge Judy. If you have not seen or heard what i'm talking about here are the links: Judge Judy interview Martha Stewart interview Here is a blogger response to Martha that i thought was fair. Here is a response to Judge Judy from Lupus Foundation Have a great weekend y'all!


  1. When people get famous they feel like they have the right to act like idiots and say stupid things....why is that????? I heard about the MS comments yesterday from another blogger...shame on them both for their ignorant comments. Have a great and miss you!

  2. I lost all respect for Martha after she was sent to the big house.

  3. I guess I'm not sure the big deal on what Judy said... I didn't see it as comparing, though it was a pretty stupid segue from one to the other. And I used to work for a company that made cushions under the MS name. Anyone with HER tatse in colors has no business bad mouthing anybody.

  4. Personally, I think both are idiots to begin with and wonder why people watch their shows. This just proves it.

  5. Thanks for the shout-out, my petal!

    Judge Judy put out a statement over the weekend after no doubt receiving a ton of backlash. Her response is honestly no better. Not only dose her DIL have SLE, but her daughter has MS, so you would think she would be a bit more aware on the severity of both diseases. I agree, I've lost all respect.

    I had no idea about this Martha Stewart thing, I'm off to watch the interview now!



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