Thursday, December 5, 2013

Catching up

Good morning my lovely blogging buddies. I tell you sometimes it just doesn't pay to take a week off work when you have to do 2 weeks worth when you get back .  I love staying busy though it makes the time fly by. So I still haven't told you about my thanksgiving weekend .  It started the Wednesday night before thanksgiving. My friends who  own a chain of diners around Dallas always host a large dinner for their friends and the volunteers who serve the next day.  Typically in all the years past , I always spent the day at their house with Pam and helped cool all day. This year the dinner was at one of the diners so I spent day running much needed errands. One of the errands was driving to exclusive salon in Dallas that makes and styles wigs. The salon partners up with American cancer society also and takes wig donations to give to a woman in need of a beautiful wig. I've asked all my family and friends to give me their clothes  donations for my church and my cute grandma had 6 nice wigs in the bag. I went online to find place who takes wigs and I came across this salon. I had left them a voice mail on Tuesday evening and they called me first thing Wednesday morning . They were so sweet and excited for the donation . My grandma is very particular and spent quite a lot on these nice wigs. When I drove there , the girl I spoke to on phone wrote mine and my grandmas name and address down and will let us know when they find a good home. Pretty cool to know we helped out a few women to look beautiful while they go thru chemo. She even hugged me before I left the salon. 
Todd and I went to the diner for dinner party around 7 and had a great time. It's funny because I see the same people once a year for the last 13 years. 
Thursday morning I volunteered from 9 to 12:30 feeding the homeless and anyone else who came through the doors. I love it so much and I also enjoy seeing the familiar faces there. I waitressed in college but by gosh it all came back like riding a bike. I left earlier than I normally would because I this year is different for me. Haha! I am married now and have another family to think of. So I drove to Plano ( opposite direction of south Dallas) and had lunch with Todd and his family. Todd went and picked up the kiddos so we got to see them for a few hours. After lunch and dessert and a good visit , Todd had to take the kids back home and he met me at our friends house where we watched the Dallas Cowboys win football game. We had great evening with friends relaxing and drinking wine. Ahhhh! 
For some of you who know me well, sit down because this was the very first time I did ZERO shopping on Black Friday . Money is tight this year so it was nice and relaxing day and we put up our Christmas tree and my Grinch table.   We decked our halls on Saturday morning and afternoon and then we had surprise birthday party for my beautiful stepmom turning 60.  My stepbrother and his girlfriend Susie , my stepsister Rachelle and husband Henry , and Todd and I all pitched in and bought her and Dad a trip in a hot air balloon and a bucket with champagne to take . She had no idea that all her friends and family were there at bar for her . Daddy took her to dinner with another couple and were just going to "swing by for quick beer" after their dinner. It was awesome! 
Wrapping up this long post, I am just so excited about my large donation to our church food pantry.  After church in Sunday , Todd and I had lunch with my friends Diana and David and like broken record , I asked them for any cloth ting donation and for them to ask their brothers and sisters.  Well Monday night they called me and asked if my church accepted food. As matter of fact we have a food pantry that feeds those in need in our community . For whatever reason, David's job has a storage with several large cans of food that they aren't using. Score! Todd took my truck yesterday and met him after work and now I have some church members on way to my work to pick up all the cans. It just makes me feel so good when we can all pitch in and help.   
Yesterday in Dallas we got up to almost 80 degrees and overnight it's in the 30's and expected to have sleet and freezing temps by tonight . Crazy weather! 
Gotta run and finish work in case we get to go home early. Stay safe and warm! 
Dad making faces . Geesh! 


  1. So fun to hear about all that you had going on! I love that Grinch table!!!! Can't wait to see you next week....xoxo

  2. Your Grinch table rocks!!!! You constantly amaze me with how much you do for others.

  3. That was a face? Just kidding, you once again did good, kid!

  4. That grinch table is the greatest. As usual you are enjoying life.

  5. Oh, I want that Grinch table! Now that's the Christmas spirit!

    You really squeeze a lot into your days!

  6. Aww you have such a good heart!! Looks like you had fun waiting those tables too!

  7. This post made my heart grow THREE sizes! (haha, see what I did there?)

    I am so very glad the interwebs brought us together. You are truly an amazing example of selflessness and love. The people of Dallas are so lucky to have you. <3

  8. Nice to catch up. Grinch table looks awesome


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