Friday, January 17, 2014

Ol' St Louie

Hey y'all, happy Friday! For those who follow my Instagram or FB , you already know that I had to work this week in our St. Louis office. I haven't traveled since last July and I wasn't married yet. I lost my traveling mojo and it was kinda weird for me. It took me twice as long to pack than it used to, I forgot my GPS ( luckily I know my way around here but it's nice to have ) and I forgot my car phone charger.   I can't even begin to tell you how much I missed my new puppy Jax and my honey. Jax literally grew longer and taller in just a week. Todd was so awesome though because he would text me pics and videos everyday of them. 
The plus side is that I really enjoy the employees/coworkers in this location and one my good friends that travels a lot was also here this week with me. I stayed so crazy busy this week and the days flew by so that was nice. Oh and we got snow yesterday and today and it was the pretty fluffy snow and not the ugly slippery ice crap. I love love cold weather so it was nice having a touch of winter unlike Dallas. 
Earlier in the week I had mentioned this yummy dessert that I used to get from a hotel here and said it was worth staying at that hotel just for that dish. Well, the next day a group brought me that dessert but from a wonderful local bakery. Oh my how sweet was that! Have y'all heard of Ooey gooey butter cake? I think its a popular dessert for this area. 
I have some fave places I like to eat at when I work where and I was able to go to most all of them. When I landed for lunch, I went with some gals to the Pasta House off Delmar street. I always get their pasta carbonara and it never disappoints. Hello creamy goodness with bacon!  Then for dinner I went to my fave BBQ place called Bandanas. Their original sauce has a mustard base and it's so delish. 
Tuesday night, my friends and I went to The Hill. It's basically St Louis' little Italy. There are several little quaint restaurants and market deli's where you can buy sausages, pepperoni, and yummy stuff. Last time I was here I bought a huge roll of salami and packed it in suitcase. I served it with cheese at the Super Bowl party.  Anyway, we had dinner at this tavern that had both Italian and Greek food. Soooo awesome! I had dolma's (dolmathes) which are stuffed grape leaves with beef, lamb, and rice. The girls had chicken parmigiana and a pizza  and we had fried toasted raviolis and artichokes for appetizers.  The toasted raviolis is on every menu in St Louis and I was not huge fan of them but these win me over! The tavern was actually on episode of Diners, drive ins and dives and this was my 6th place that I've been to from the show. 
The other nights we went to chain restaurants but still so good. We went to Cheesecake Factory and had salads and appetizers and yes a slice of cheesecake for the hotel. Last night was BlackFinn. We had wine and apps and for 3 people it was 50$. Must do that again for sure! 
Ok so that was all about food. LOL! 
Last few times I traveled here I found some good thrift stores that was close to the office. One of them was closed for  remodeling but I went in lunch hour and bought 10 sweaters for my latest craft projects.  What on earth am I doing buying sweaters you ask- we'll let me explain.  I saw this on Pinterest and I'm hooked! Boot socks or boot cuffs are the IN thing right now and I'm loving it. You buy a sweater in color or pattern you like and then you cut the sleeves off. That's it. Pull the ribbed finished end up where it peeks out from boot and the cut part is tucked in. I have all colors now. I laugh when I think of the hotel maid finding a bag with 10 sweaters with all the sleeves cut off and missing.  I want to sew the ends on some so they won't ravel. 
I'm toying this post now while sitting at the airport. My flight leaves in an hour and I can't wait to be home and sleep in my comfy bed with hubby and puppy. 
Included is precious pic of Jax wear in his sweater and laying in Todd's lap. 
Have a great weekend y'all!! 


  1. Italian and Greek food together there? YUM! Two of the best foods. I'm with you as I like the colder weather.

  2. That is positively GENIUS about the sweaters! I have been looking for those little boot cuff things. I may actually raid my closet, I have some sweaters that are far too small. Smart lady! Also, that coffee mug. LOVE!
    Glad you had a great week with great food and awesome people, but even more happy you are home safely with your boys! <3

  3. Great recap and I an now officially starving...don't think my Smart Ones dinner is going to cut it for Love and miss you, girl!


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