Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Love is in the air

Good morning y'all! Happy Wednesday / Hump day. It was a week ago today that I posted last but I just didn't feel like it. My husband and I are so generously sharing our colds back and forth with one another. I started feeling crappy again last Thursday and it was full force by Friday. We canceled our fun plan we had for the weekend and didn't leave the couch until Sunday morning for church. I'm finally feeling better enough that I'm not on tons  of cold meds just cough drops during the day. 
So we all know that this Friday is Valentines Day which is pretty cool that it starts the weekend off nice.  I've said it many times before, Todd and I are on somewhat tight budget right now. We are  actually still paying off some bills we acquired while paying for wedding plus we are seriously trying to save up to move into a house this summer. Moves are expensive with deposits and all else so every penny counts. To add to this, we are also planning a Harley trip to Sturgis with our riding group and so there ya go. Money money money!  Y'all might say- is the trip really necessary when you need money for other things.  The answer is absolutely!  Todd and I work very hard and have stressful jobs at times. Having a vacation or trip to release  some of that stress is crucial.  Todd usually goes on a few weekend rides with  his buds to Arkansas , Big Bend, or wherever a few times a year.  Sturgis will be THE trip for the group this year. I'll talk about Sturgis more as we get closer.  
Let's go back and talk about Valentines. It drives me crazy that so many restaurants come up with a set menu with fixed prices. This may sound bratty but want what I want! Let me order what I want and I don't want to pay 10$ more just because it's valentines.  Luckily for Todd, I'm a serious cheap date. Todd is so awesome in fact that he truly doesn't mind celebrating Valentines.  I gave him stink eye yesterday and told him NOT to have flowers delivered to office. To me that seems expensive plus fortunately I get to work from home on Fridays so coworkers wouldn't see it anyway.  I suggested a package of tulips from local grocery store that are $7.99 and beautiful. 
I'm picky when it comes to chocolate so if he insists on buying some he can grab these from our nearby Walgreens. 
Millionaires are my favorite. I only like chocolate if it has something in it like nuts , peanut butter or cookies. 
We have this little dive taco shop down the street called El taco H and they are cheap and delicious! I would be so happy  to have dinner there and then maybe swing by DQ drive thru and get a blizzard.

That to me is a perfect evening! Now we will see what he has in store. 
I am excited that we our signed up for an iMarriage group class this Saturday at our church. It's an all day event that includes lunch and workbook and several couples are signed up.  I believe that any tips, encouragement , prayers and real expectations are needed for any marriage.  It was cool that Todd looked at me at same time I turned to him when our pastor mentioned the workshop.  Being in new marriage , I'm ready to learn.  Stay tuned and I'll let y'all know how it went next week! 
Most likely I won't post tomorrow so I'll just say it now- HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!   Sending hugs to all of you! 


  1. Happy Valentine's Day, Holli! We have so much in common! Tacos and DQ sound great to me, too! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. sounds like the perfect v-day to me!

  3. Damn, Holli, you are the perfect Valentine! DQ, Tacos, and a bag of chocolates for the win! I bet you will get a kick out of my V-Day post I just put up today.

  4. ooooh, El Taco H sounds like my kinda place! You Texans do it up right! I think that the marriage class at your church sounds like a great idea. No, it's not something Steve and I ever did, but sometimes I wonder if we would have benefitted greatly by doing a group like that. Can't hurt, right?
    Enjoy your first MARRIED Valentines Day and enjoy getting your first "Happy Valentines Day Wife!" card!!! <3

  5. Perfect Valentine's Day.....tulips, millionaires, El Taco H and a blizzard!!!!! Hope you and Todd have a wonderful weekend! Love you!

  6. Hope you have a great weekend. You first Valentines day as a married woman, my first as a single woman!


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