Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Five

Raise your hands in the air like you just don't care! Or if you're like Jax , raise your paws. It's  Friday and I'm soooo excited.  

My dad is now in the hospital but it's nothing way too serious or scary thank goodness!  He had a painful blood clot in his arm so they admitted him to put on IV and treat it slowly. He also has a bit of cold virus so they're monitoring that too. Dads in the best hospital in Dallas and I saw him last night after work. 

My mom woke up to this in her front yard. This is why she loves living in Montana sometimes. Sweet momma moose just hanging out. 

We have stupid neighbors in our apartment complex who for the second time, threw over their balcony a pot of greasy green beans and bacon.  Sooo do they not have a trash can or disposal like the rest of us?  Jax and other dogs have been going crazy around those spots and have eaten the beans before we could get to them.  We don't feed Jax people food and he was thinking that greasy beans and bacon was pretty dang  tasty. Yesterday Todd staged this funny picture of Jax with a can if green beans and texted it to me. Jax looks so serious with the can. lol 

We are checking out a rent house tonight in a neighborhood near my office and I'm very excited. I hope it's cute in person .

Lastly, I woke up again with another stupid aggravating no time for that sore throat.  I refuse to get sick y'all!  

Hope everyone has a great weekend and  stay safe and warm. 


  1. Wow they threw them out like that! Yikes! Hopefully the house will work perfectly. That staged pic is adorable!

  2. That's not stupid, that's lazy. Stupid neighbors would have flushed them down the toilet and clogged the whole building.

  3. That cutie-pie Jax just makes my heart melt!! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  4. Wow, that is lazy at its finest. Not to mention, gross! The pic of Jax with the can is adorable. I'm very glad to hear that the clot on your dad's arm isn't too serious, and that he's getting great care. Happy weekend!

  5. Sorry to hear your dad is back in the hospital. Hope it's nothing serious and he is out soon.

    Nothing like waking up to a moose in the yard!

  6. Real sorry your Dad is in hospital. Hope all is OK. Thinking of you.

  7. So sorry your Daddy is in the hospital...prayers for a speedy recovery! I think that I would report the neighbors....not only is it not good for the pups, it is just plain disgusting...YUCKO!!! I hope you loved the house...I know first hand how nice it is to get away from apartment living. Love you!

  8. Jax is a cutie! Praying your dad’s blood clot clears up quickly and that it’s not causing him too much pain for too long. And how awesome to have a Moose in the front yard!!! I’ve never been to Montana, but it’s on my travel wish list.


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