Monday, March 24, 2014

Just chillin'

How is it already Monday y'all? I feel like this weekend flew by. We actually had a laid back weekend again which is always nice. We invited some friends a few months ago to come over and play Cards against Humanity but I had to cancel because it was the second round of my sickiness. We rescheduled for Friday and wouldn't you know, as my friends were in their way over, Todd came home sick and went to Carenow.  Poor guy had a sinus infection like me. He got antibiotic and a shot and came home and went to bed while I still hosted our small party . I made tacos and for dessert  I made cinnamon roll waffles. We still had fun playing the game but I wish my honey could have joined us. He said he laughed when he heard me laughing so hard I snorted. 
 On Saturday , Todd already felt tons better. We stayed on couch most of the day and then we took Jax to a dog park that's super close to home. He had so much fun and ran his little legs off. He didn't know what to think at first and he stayed next to my ankles but after watching the other dogs run around , one finally came up to us and then he joined in. I didn't have my phone with me and neither did Todd. We were so engaged and excited for Jax. Hahaha! 
Later that evening i had a hankering for pot roast and I've been wanting to take Todd to one of my favorite restaurants in Dallas that I grew up going to in my old neighborhood. It's called Celebrations and it's in this old house that was converted into a restaurant. They use local farmers produce and serve their sides family style . They have home cooked meals and it's so delish. You choose 3 veggies from their list and you can have as many refills. You can also have 2nds on most entrees unless it's a special. I got my pot roast and it did not disappoint. Todd got shrimp and grits that was outstanding but it was a special so he didn't get seconds. We topped off with homemade peach cobbler and ice cream. So yummy! 
Roast beast ( Grinch reference), garlic mashed potatoes and fried okra. 
Todd shrimp and cheese grits with bacon  poblano relish . Yes please! 

Tonight we have to take Jax to the vet and leave him overnight for his surgery tomorrow. He's getting snipped and microchipped. I love this picture of him laying on his back next to Todd just hanging out.  I'm so sad to be without him tonight. Fun thing though is that all his brothers are scheduled for theirs tomorrow so it's like a little family reunion for him. The foster mom who had the litter works for a vet and scheduled them all together.  Say a little doggie prayer that all goes smoothly and our furry baby comes home tomorrow with next to no pain at all. 

I can't wait to tell you what I have planned for this weekend!! Maybe tomorrow.....


  1. I am sure Jax will be just fine, but I will send up a little prayer...what a cutie he is. I have wanted to take Gracie to the dog park, but I am worried because she is so small...maybe I will get brave

  2. Pot roast is one of my favs! That peach cobbler and ice cream dessert sounds like a perfect ending!

    Sometimes we all need a laid back wekend!

  3. Snipped and chipped... lol...just sounds funny.

  4. I love the photo of Todd and Jax all snuggly! How sweet! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  5. I hope both of your sweeties are recovering nicely. Poor dudes! How amazing is Cards Against Humanity?!?! We played that last Saturday night, I love you discover how sick and twisted your friends really are! We could play that game for hours on end. Sunday dinner at Celebrations sounds delish (love the Grinch reference!) and now I have Kool & the Gang in my head.... Celebrate good times, c'mon!!!!

  6. Dying to hear what you have planned for this weekend. Please do share


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