Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sick of being sick but not keeping me down

Happy Tuesday y'all! I mentioned yesterday that my health was crappy over the weekend but it's actually been for much longer. I went to a Care now the weekend before last ( Saturday) and I was told I had severe sinus infection. Got a shot and a zpac antibiotic and was on my merry way. Then on Wednesday of last week I started having difficulty breathing. I've had this happen before a few times in last 2 years but I just ride it out and usually it's better in 2 days. I've never had asthma ever until recently.  By last Friday, i couldn't breathe any better so I went back to care now. They took chest X-ray and checked for pneumonia and my heart, they took blood and checked for Mono. They gave me a prescription for 2 inhalers and said to give a few days for it to get in system. I felt a small improvement the next day and Todd and I had great day in a cute historic town called McKinney. More about that later.  Anyway, we got a small cold front and crazy winds late Saturday night. I could barely breathe on Sunday and I was so light headed. I'm literally gasping for air and I've had a few panic attacks because I can't catch my breath. Todd took me back to Care Now and they have me a breathing treatment on a nebulizer. I have another rx for antibiotic and they gave me a prescription for Singulair. She suspects Bronchitis related asthma.  The dr is hoping that the singulair will be my saving drug once it's in my system.  Tomorrow will be a week that I've not been able to breathe normally and it sucks! I've been going to bed every night by 9 because I'm physically  exhausted. My back and shoulders hurt from trying to breathe big gulps.  I have a very very small glimpse of what my Dad lived through before his lung transplant. 
So it's been Joy to the World everyday lately and my energy level is zero. You guys I'm such a baby because I really truly have always been very healthy and never got sick but I feel I've been sick for the last 3 months.  And y'all know I'm a corporate trainer and I've been having to teach classes most of the day. My last class yesterday was 90 minutes and I was wheezing and gasping by the end. Luckily I only have to train 2 classes today so I have some time to not talk and use more oxygen! 
Now on to a happier note, here are some pics from a fun few hours on Saturday. 
We went junkin and grabbed a few fun things that I have plans for in the future. 

This amazing wood wine rack was 600$ On sale for half so we left it behind but dang I loved it. 
Don't laugh but YES I bought another birdcage. It's an obsession and I loved the shape . Todd even gave me his blessing and it was only 15$. 
I bought these 2 cute yellow pillows both for 5$. I loved the metal holder with hooks and I'm going to spray paint it and hang coffee mugs on it. 
I love old building walls on brick .
I also bought an old lampshade frame .  These were all the rage so to speak because all the stores were selling them and they were kinda high. I paid 12$ which I thought was fair. 
How cool is this old carnival silly mirror? I also like the Ronald McDonald head above. 
So despite my health issues , I still managed to have a fun day squeezed in. 
Are y'all recuperating from any crazy St Patricks Day festivities last night? 
See y'all later! 


  1. Sorry to hear you've been so sick! Hopefully you're on the mend now. Lots of people are sick here in my little corner of the world since this weather is so crazy right now. Wow, you found some good junk! You'll have to share pics when you get your projects done.

  2. That would be my nightmare illness. I had a spell a few weeks back where I was just about stopping breathing every time I started to doze. Only lasted about an hour, but kinda scares you, so I can see why the panic attacks. Zycam helped me, till I ran out... advil spray has been okay since then (Couldn't find the damn zycam!) I think for me it's just the drying out from furnace heat. Summer can't come soon enough. Hope the Singulair works for you.

  3. What a successful junkin' day! I hope you feel better very soon! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  4. You guys are just likr American Pickers! I love it. Im so sorry you've been so ill, it really is the worst. It must have been so scary when you couldn't catch your breath, I would have panicked, too. It's this crazy ass back and forth weather getting everyone sick. I jope the singulair amd inhalers bring you some relief. Loooooove you <3

  5. Glad you are feeling better! I have never antique shopped or junk shopped, maybe I need to!

  6. Have I ever told you I was born and raised in McKinney? It wasn't as big or trendy as it is now, but still a wonderful place to grow up in.
    On a serious note, I'll be calling you today...I'm concerned about your health.

  7. I hope you get to feeling better! I hate being sick! Wow that store looks a bit scary with the Ronald head lol

  8. Hopefully you'll feel better soon. I have been puking with some stomach bug that everyone around here seems to have.

  9. Looks like you went through a lot, and had quite a few false starts along the way. This is why one should have the right diagnosis at the onset of the attacks, so they wouldn't have to go through unnecessary processes. A way for that to happen is for the medical attention and care to be brought to you the soonest and the earliest. In any case, stay safe and get well soon.

    Aurora DX


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