Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wednesday's Hodgepodge

Linking up again this week with From this Side of the Pond. 
 1. The expression 'mad as a March hare' originated with a fictional character who is distracted and frantic. When were you last 'mad as a March hare' and what was it that made you that way? I would have to say week before last. My mom got rushed to the hospital where she lives in Montana and was in ICU. I totally freaked out and paced the floor for 2 days. Montana is so far away and I was just about to jump in my truck and drive there. Luckily, she started improving and was released soon after and she’s feeling much better now. 
 2. Mardi Gras this year falls on Tuesday, March 4th. Have you ever been to Mardi Gras, and if so what did you think? If not, do you have any interest in going? Purple, green, and gold are the colors of Mardi Gras. Which one is most prevalent in your wardrobe? How about in your home? I actually have been to Mardi Gras (twice). The first time I was on dance team in college and we were invited to dance in one of their big parades. It was so fun!! I think I have more gold in my wardrobe then green or purple. 
  3. Are you old fashioned? It depends on the situation. Most of the time I think I’m pretty old-fashioned when it comes to manners and stuff like that. No hats at the dinner table, say yes maam / no sir when talking to elders, hold doors for others. BUT I also ride a Harley, have tattoos, lived with my husband before we married, etc.
  4. Do you carefully plan your vacations, or do you prefer the days to be more spontaneous? Both. If its going to take airline tickets or long hotel stays, we have to plan within our budget. However, we can take spontaneous trips to Galveston or to Oklahoma and visit my brother and family, jump on Harley and go on loooooong day ride.
  5. March is National Sauce Month...what's your favorite sauce, and what do you most often top with this sauce? Oh I am a sauce girl! I love Alfredo sauce, I love mustard based BBQ sauce, I love spaghetti sauce. I have to say that hot sauce is my favorite with as much as I eat Mexican food.
  6. What's something that easily brings a tear to your eye? Homeless animals. I adopted my sweet baby Jax from a rescue group and I follow them on facebook. I swear I tear up once a day when I see sweet animals that need homes and have been found in poor condition. 
  7. If you could own any sports team, which one would it be and why? Dallas Cowboys!!!! I love my boys but dang I just feel that they will never be stars again while Jerry Jones owns them. He makes me so mad how he’s ruined what used to be a wonderful team. I will still always be a fan though.
  8. Insert your own random thought here. I spoke to my cousin/best friend this morning Lauren on my way to work and it was great way to start my day. I say I love you to my closest friends all the time. Its important!

Y'all have a great day everyone! 


  1. Oh I am so jealous that you have been to mardi gras! That is one celebration that I would love to see!

  2. I can see why you felt distracted and frantic! I would feel the same way if something were to happen to my mother.


  3. I kind of agree with you about the Cowboys. My hubs says he'll never root for them while Jerry Jones is part of the deal. I'm glad your mom is doing better. It is hard to be far from the people we love when they're sick. Enjoy your day!

  4. Isn't it the best when you have a special friend who brightens your day?!
    Spring is coming, I'm sure you'll be riding your Harley soon.
    I'm feel the same way about animals. We currently adopted a rescue cat. Jax is a lucky doggie!

  5. As I go through all the bloggers' answers I am surprised how many people think they are old fashioned because they want manners! I think we should not consider respect and manners values that are now out-dated and then throw them out window. It makes me sad… just saying. ( ;

  6. So once you buy the Pokes, who's the first player to walk the plank? Who will you draft this year? Would you sign me to a big contract and let me sit on the bench?

  7. I need to get my butt down to Mardi Gras at least once in my life! I am also kind of old fashioned when it comes to respect and etiquette.

  8. Animals bring the tears on for me too. My son is especially touched my those commercials about neglected and abused animals. They always make him cry. We have 4 dogs and there was a time when I would have taken in any animal that needed a home. One summer we took in a cute little black dog and one day it bit my son's hand and he had to have stitches. That was the end of taking in random animals. I would give anything to erase that horrifying experience away from him and from my memories.

  9. Aww I love this, this is awesome!


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