Friday, April 25, 2014

Part 2 Antique Week- Warrenton/La Grange/Roundtop

I've been so crazy packing and working, my plan for breaking up my posts on antique week wasn't meant to be dragged on for so long ( like this sentence ). I still have to do one more post about it so I don't completely overwhelm with y'all pictures. It's just that I had so much fun and I was excited so I took tons of pics with my phone.
Warning now, lots and lots of pictures. It's funny that I've read on a few blogs that people don't like seeing tons of pictures. I on the other hand , LOVE seeing other peoples pictures.  Oh well, it's what's happening today! 
This was back porch of cabin where we stayed. I brought blow-up mattress and slept in the living room. 
Not something you see everyday in ones yard: very large gorilla that still had Mardi gras beads and mask. 
This was my friends booth inside Zapp Hall.  Awesomeness!
First day there, I got a boot on my truck for parking. I was in the vendor lot where I was supposed to be but it was all word of mouth. One guy said park here and I'll tell so-and-so but then forgot to and then this. Mr.  So- and-so was super nice and removed it promptly once he knew who I was with.  My truck was jealous of me wearing boots everyday I guess. 
I had to take pic of sign of 2 places we would be at. 
Very elaborate booths y'all! This one brought a boat and an airstream if you look closely. 
We went to a blogger block party Friday night and someone took this picture of myself, Debbie and Jennifer. 
Yep I bought that metal wine sign!
This is courthouse on the square of LaGrange. 
Gorgeous rainbow after a quick spring hailstorm earlier. 

That's it for today's post but I will wrap it up next week. Have a great weekend y'all! Do something fun but he careful. 


  1. WOW!! What fun photos!! 'Love it all!! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. I love seeing pictures on blogs!!!! Glad that parking out straightened out. What a fun time you had, the pictures are perfect and I love the rainbow.

  3. I love your pictures- especially the cabin deck and the one that kinda looks like you are just leaving an outhouse.

  4. Ha Ha! Mr. So and So was still apologizing to me at the end of the show for the boot, but it does make for a wonderful, funny story!
    Seeing your photos makes me ready to go again!
    Thank you for all your help. You are a doll baby.
    P.S. I'm so stealing the photo of the boot!!!

  5. This looks amazing, I love antiquing!

  6. What a fun post! Your photos are great. And for the record, I love lots of blog photos too...but then again you already knew that! ;) Peace, love, and all the best stuff to ya.

  7. No way, No way, NO WAY!!!!! I am dying to go to antiques week! You're my hero...and thank you for all the pics!! Okay...the wine sign is AWESOME! I bought a similar sign that spells "BEACH" at a flea market here in Florida. The guy told me he got it from a distributor in Mexico.
    I would give ANYTHING to find more signs like that. Are there quite a few around Texas?

  8. Looks awesome, especially all those bright colors toward the end. Was that Lagrange in GA?

  9. Hi! I found you through the "Let's Be Friends" link-up...and I'm so glad I did! LOVE to find other Texas bloggers! Very cool {unique!} little shops...kind of reminds me of First Mondays in Canton!

  10. How fun! We've always wanted to do the Round Top thing...but always falls when we have a million things going on!


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