Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Oh Craigslist - I love you/ I hate you

Is it Friday yet? No? Shoot! I have to share with you what a fantastic sport my husband is. Like he is amazing that he didn't come home and kill me yesterday. 

Ok so you know we're moving in a few weeks and we want to get a shed to place in backyard. I thought if we find one now , we can put in backyard early at house and then we can immediately put stuff in it on moving day. I started perusing Craigslist on Sunday night and came across a nice size shed FOR FREE. 
I emailed the owner and asked if it was available and he replied yes. I didn't see that until yesterday morning.  I mentioned  to Todd about what I found and he was good with it. 
The owner was very bossy and wanted to know if we could pick up by noon and he lived in Allen which is kinda far from where we live. Todd had work appointment and then I met up with him in Dallas during lunch break so we could switch vehicles. I have a pickup and Todd drives small SUV. 
When Todd got there ( around 12:45), the shed was at farthest end of the pasture. He walked around it and realized that it was in bad shape and missing all doors. One whole side had crumpled and was damaged. The owner stated in the ad to use shed for storage or to scrap it for metal. Todd started taking it apart and quickly came to conclusion that there was way too many screws and bolts and his exact quote was " Humpty Dumpty wouldn't be  put back together". So now Todd felt like he had to finish the tear down so he loaded up all the pieces and stacked my truck high. I went online and found a few scrap metal places and sent them to him to drop off the metal.  Poor thing, when he drove to the closest scrap yard it was 4:35 and a guy came out and said " sorry we close at 4:30". Todd replied back " look at all this. Please help a brother out, I can't take this home". Lol! The guy was nice and helped him unload it all and paid him 10$. 
The bottom line is that the owner of shed basically got free labor to haul his crap off the land. Todd said he was a young cocky guy and said Oh yeah lots of money in the scrap metal. UM no dude- with all the hours lost taking it apart and gasoline spent driving out there- 10$ doesn't cover it!  My friend suggested reporting the guy on Craigslist because it was such false advertising.  It's too late now so not going to bother but Todd is going to be weary of my great finds! 
This is what the owner posted :
Todd left the floor behind . 

This is really what it looked like: 

 Sweet hubby lost half of day and he was not mad at me at all. He knew I had good intentions.  Win some- lose some! 


  1. OMG! I can't believe the false advertising. I have been wanting to do something with Craigslist, but I am so scared for this reason! Your hubby is an amazing man!

  2. Todd is a saint! ;-) -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. As if you didn't already know it...that Todd is a keeper!!!! Love you, both!

  4. Craigslist is about a sewer. He get stories about it all the time up here. I wouldn't use it if Jesus Himself was selling Easter candy.

  5. LOL! I did have to laugh. Craigslist sure has some weird stuff on it. Happy Friday!


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