Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Successful day - no horsing around!

Hey folks how was your weekend? Yep I know it's Tuesday but I was cross-eyed from a mini migraine yesterday so no blogging for me. Anywho I had an awesome weekend and wanted to tell you about our fundraiser that my parents hosted at the ranch for a friend. 
My dad has a garage apartment that he built several years ago for the various ranch hands that have come and gone. Keith has been working for Dad for many years ago and as you can imagine extremely helpful when Dad was sick and in hospital last year. He's helped out tremendously and all the horse boarders have grown close to him as well. 
Sadly, Keith was diagnosed with cancer and has a large tumor growing under his chin ( that he can mostly hide with his beard). He's opted not to undergo surgery and try as we might- we have to accept and more importantly respect his decisions. Keith has found some natural supplements and injections that he's heard about and they are a bit costly and he doesn't have insurance. Soooo, my sweet stepmom talked it over with Dad and they hosted a beautiful fundraiser that was an all day event this past Saturday. 
There was horse and riding games and events starting at 10:00 am with prizes given out to the winners.  Deb cooked the biggest pan of BBQ pulled pork and had beans, potato salad, chips , cookies , and more.  There were raffle tables with one dollar tables, 5 dollar, 10 dollar tables  and 4 items starting at 25$.  It was luck of the draw so you had to buy lots of tickets to increase your chances of winning. We charged 5$ for dinner , 2$ for beer or wine , and 1$ for sodas and water.  
I helped man the welcome table where everyone bought the raffle tickets , dinner  and drinks.  There was such a huge turnout and many of Keith's friends he went to high school with and family came  out to support.  I had some of my friends come out with the kids and they won a raffle prize that they bidded on. 
Some of the bigger prizes were a month free of boarding which was the most purchased ticket item. All of the boarders were crossing their fingers for that one.  A 1948 am radio completely restored and worked beautifully.  I loved it and wanted to throw my raffle ticket in but one man bought 1000.00$ worth of tickets towards it. He won thank goodness! Someone donated a 4 day 3 night stay in Rockport , TX in condo. There was fine print that said no pets allowed so we didn't try for that one either.  Todd and I really want to take Jax to the beach with us next time we go. 
I won an hour massage and I'm so excited! I placed most of my tickets for a brass butler that belonged to my dad but I didn't win. I was so bummed but I was the one that was picking out the tickets. Lol. I didn't have lucky fingers on items I bidded on. There was tons of prizes related to horses so I didn't bid on them. There was one horse blanket I won for Jax to lay on though after the initial drawing that no one bidded on. 

We raised over 5,000 dollars and there were also several sealed envelopes given directly to Keith. It was just an amazing beautiful day and to be a part of such a fun event spent laughing and donating money to a friend was so special. Then the very next day on Sunday , it rained liked crazy and temps were so much cooler. 
Now I will shower y'all with bunches of photos from the day: 
That's Keith and my cute Daddy! 

Way cool AM radio from the 40's

I wasn't able to grab pic before they sliced cake but a boarder is also a pro cake maker. 

I did win those vintage canisters on end. 
Todd teaching Jack to drive golf cart

Selfie of me and buddy Wendy 
Dads new truck. How sweet is this! 

And this is Dads old Cadillac . He likes his old toys and we did buy his Harley a few years ago so these are safer. 

I've still got a killer headache so I'm bummed because I had plans to attend a blogger painting party tonight and have to cancel. Stupid winds and cold weather have triggered my headaches. I love me some excedrin migraine pills! 

Talk to ya later ....


  1. Adding Keith to the prayer list...

  2. It really is better to give than to receive! What a blessing filled day! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. Love this. And it's all awesome....every single part!!!!!!

  4. What an amazing way to raise money for a framily member! It makes me sad he's opted not to have surgery, but, as you said, everyone has to respect his decision. Hopefully what he's chosen to do will help. Sounds like y'all (my first y'all!) had an amazing time. Love the pic of Todd and Jack on the golf cart, and your dad looks great. HEALTHY! Prayers to Keith and your family <3 <3

  5. How wonderful and inspiring! And I'm a bit jealous about the canisters!


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