Monday, April 14, 2014

Texas Antiques Week

I recently had one of the most AH.MAZ.ING experiences a few weeks ago in parts of Small-town Texas.  Round Top, Warrenton and La Grange to be exact.  I've known about this slice of Heaven for many years but never made it out for various reasons. As mentioned a few posts ago, I reached out to one of my fave bloggers Debbie (Talking Trash) who also is a longtime seasoned Junker who sets up every year at these shows. I volunteered my free labor while also learning the ropes and having her mentor me.  I am actively working on being a small time junker in the very near future and have lots to learn.
Debbie's daughter Jennifer happened to live very close to me so she rode with me to keep me company and she knew the way to get to our destination. It was a win/win! She met me fairly early on that Friday morning and we got there around 4.5 hrs later. Plenty of time to get to the booth and get used to the surroundings. 
It's hard to explain how excited I was to see rows among rows among rows of large circus tents of booths. It's a two week shindig and hosts over 60 "shows".  Each field has a name and thats the show. Example we were in Zapp Hall building and the field/land it's on is the Zapp show.  It had everything from genuine fine antiques , garage sale sorts and hand crafted pieces. Celebrities come out like Miranda Lambert, Mathew McConoughy, John Malkovic and more. Have you ever watched Junk Gypsy's on HGTV or GAC? Amie and Jolie are the main girls the show is centered around. Well this is their haven and they recently opened their new beautiful headquarters and shop down the road from the shows. 
We made a stop in to look around and to buy a souvenir. Fun fact , my friends Debbie , Jennifer and Debs husband Danny have known these girls forever before they made it big time. Every time Jolie saw them , she stopped to talk to them or hugged their neck. It was pretty cool! 
I will wrap up this post of pictures I took while visiting the Junk Gypsy headquarters . I don't have a camera so these are phone pics. I have so many more pics and stories to show so stay continued. 
Large Marge is this pink beauty! 

I got a tshirt with this saying

Children's section. So cute! 

Archie is beautiful model on their website and works there. Sweet sweet girl! 

Large Birdcages with lights. I die!! 

Um yeah, JG totally did Miranda and Blake Sheltons wedding . 

Jolie, her son Cash Baker and Jennifer

So there ya go! Ready to with me next time? 


  1. This looks like so much fun. I want to go! And I bet that t-shirt is so cool!

  2. Now that sounds like an exciting adventure!

  3. Oh, how wonderful!! Once again, I want to come over! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  4. You are living out my American Pickers dream! So cool!!

  5. This looks so cool! Like American Pickers and Storage Wars combined.

  6. Holli. Honey. HOW in the Sam Hill did you slip my radar???? I LOVE your blog. As a matter of fact I'm readin' and readin' when I should be cleanin' and cleanin'. Would love to meet you when I move to your neck of the woods.

  7. It looks like you had a great time at Antiques week. That's something I'd enjoy, even if my husband wouldn't be much into it. Maybe next year I'll look into going, I didn't even know they did this before now! :D

    Clicked over from your comment on A Complete Waste of Makeup's post about growing your site. Love your blog and that, like me, you're in central Texas!!

  8. Okay, now I'm really jealous. I am SO going next year - count me in !


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