Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hodgepodge- better late than never . Right?

I am soooo agggravated! Just realized that this post was still in draft from last week. Poo! I've been so busy, I just noticed . Oh well.... This is from last week and will post tomorrow for this current week. Geesh....
1. Under what circumstances do you do your best thinking? I do my best thinking in the car when I’m driving to work, home, etc. I also do a lot of thinking in the shower ( when I’m not singing whatever song in my head for the moment).
  2. Are you a risk taker? What's one big risk you've taken? I believe I am a pretty big risk taker. I lump it with same category as adventurous and I’m that for sure. I’ve bungee-jumped numerous times off very high places. I’m not afraid of heights so I get dangerously close to the edges simply to look down and see everything – not trying to scare anyone. I risked a “safe” job when I interviewed for my position I have now 10 years ago. My training team was barely a year old when I applied and it was sketchy for a few years on whether our team would continue or be let go. I am so glad that I took the risk with potentially being unemployed soon after. Luckily, we are still going strong ( knock on wood) and I love every minute of my job. With the merger taking place in July, I’m a little nervous again. 
  3. Some of the most common phobias according to the National Institute for Mental Health are-fear of spiders (arachnaphobia), snakes (ophidiophobia), heights (acrophobia), fear of spaces from which escape is difficult (agoraphobia), fear of thunder and lightening (astrophobia), fear of dogs (cynophobia), injections (trypanophobia), social situations, flying (pteromerhanophobia) and fear of germs and dirt (mysophobia). True phobias affect only about 10% of adults, but of those listed which would you rate as your greatest fear? I hate snakes!! I see them often around my Dad’s ranch and they were in our pond growing up behind the house in high school, so I’m used to them- but I HATE them. I love lightening and thunder storms and we all know my love for dogs
Here's a cute one of Jax laughing 

. 4. Are you settled or do you feel the need to move somewhere new? HAHA! I am not settled and barely unpacked from my move 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately we moved into a rental home so there will DEFINITELY be another move when we buy our own house. Our plan is to buy a house and live there until we retire, then we want to move to Hill Country and retire there for good. It’s a plan at least!
 5. What is something you find annoying when dining in a restaurant? Kids are run wild. My mom was so strict with my brother and I that people used to compliment her when eating out on how good we were. I expect the same I guess. I understand that kids are going to cry- take them outside or in the bathroom. Don’t ruin everyones else’s experience. 
  6. Daffodil yellow, sunset orange, spring green, or sky blue...your favorite color this time of year? Um, sunset orange ALL year long thanks! 
  7. If you were going to take a holiday all by yourself, where would you go? I would most likely go to Galveston that is our closest beach 5 hours away. I would take a lawn chair and just read books all day. I travel a lot and referring to number 1 question, I’m adventurous. I’ve driven to Niagara Falls by myself, Banff, Whistler, all over LA, Boston, many more all by myself. 8. Insert your own random thought here. I’m working in Jacksonville, Florida this week and have had no time to blog. I still haven’t posted about my birthday last weekend. I’m crazy busy and wouldn’t change a thing but I do wish we had more hours in the day. I’m posting to this linkup a day late and on my lunch hour. I have such dear friends here in Jax that it feels like home here too. Speaking of orange sun- here are a few sunrises I’ve caught from my hotel .


  1. Every single photo of Jax steals my heart! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. I'm not sure what circumstances bring out my best thinking. Obviously not stress, because my coherency took a nosedive last week and wasn't back to normal today. Whatever my circumstance is, I sure could use some of it!

  3. I get my best thinking walking around NYC. It just brings out the creative side of me. I'm also a bit fan of thunder and lightning storms and get the best sleep during them.

    We would love to retire in Hill Country! It's just too damn hot in Texas. We actually enjoy the cooler weather.


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