Monday, June 16, 2014

I have DadS.......

So its Monday already. How did we let that happen so fast? With Fathers’ Day being yesterday, I thought I would say a little something about my Dad’s. First of all I have my main Daddy-O, King Daddy, Dad (Mark) whose name is on my birth certificate. Daddy is the one that underwent a DOUBLE LUNG TRANSPLANT last year and is doing great. To start from the beginning, lets just say that I was a Total OOPS baby! My parents were 17 and 18 and their senior year of high school when they found out Mom was pregnant with me. Nine months later, my mom had turned 18 during the pregnancy and Dad was 19. They actually didn’t get married until I was almost born. This was during the late 60’s. They did their best while only being kids themselves but they divorced when I was 4. My mom was very laid back hippie-chick and basically told Daddy that she wasn’t going to make him pay child support since he didn’t have a solid job back then. She knew that my grandparents would help her out in raising me which is what happened. The divorce arrangement was that Mom would take care of me and all things the first part of my life, Daddy only had to pay for braces and a car when I got my license and help out once I got into college. My parents are not the best of friends but they can also be cordial to each other for weddings , funerals, etc. Everyone gets along and that’s all I can ask for. We were supposed to have dinner last night but Daddy wasn’t feeling good and I told him to stay home and in bed and we will try next weekend. 

 When I was 13 my mom married my stepdad Don. He was the most amazing patient loving step father anyone could ask for. Don truly loves me as his own and treated me as such while I was in high school and college. He currently lives in Oklahoma to be near my brother and they are the tightest father/son duo you will ever see. Right now my sweet stepdad is suffering with some very serious health issues. Don wasn’t even able to make my wedding and I know we would have NEVER missed it if it wasn’t serious. I love him so much and I have been so blessed to have him in my life. One of my most fondest memories was when we would push the furniture back on Friday nights, and we would pick out songs we wanted to hear from his huge selection of albums, and then we would dance around the house. I loved watching him dance with Mom and then he would teach me the Texas 2-step, waltz, cotton eyed joe, etc. ALL of which are mandatory if you’re a country girl here in Texas. 

 I cant not mention my grandpa Poppy! I mention him a lot and its because he was so influential and instrumental in my life. Poppy wasn’t supposed to have favorites when you have grandchildren but it was no secret, I was his partner in crime. I went everywhere with him and I grew up feeling loved and special and that I had someone in my court at all times. He always stood up for me and bragged about me to his friends every chance he could. His friends would say “where’s your passenger” when I didn’t come along on the Harley the rare times I couldn’t go with him. I cry every Fathers’ Day from missing him so much. 

I love it that I now can say I have a Father n law. I absolutely adore my inlaws and I get along so well with both of them. My father n law Bob , is so funny and has the best sense of humor. Yesterday after church, we met them for lunch and my brother n law joined us. Bob is a great listener and looks me in the eye when we talk. I can see where my husband gets his wit from. 
 I’m so very Blessed to have a few Dad’s who love me and contributed to who I am today. Have a great day y’all!!!


  1. I was an oops baby the other way- Dad was 47 and Mom was 40.

  2. I prefer the term "surprise" over "oops", but yeah, me, too! ;-) -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures


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