Thursday, June 5, 2014

Memory triggers- flashbacks

I'm sitting here at work snacking on some smoked almonds and it's funny how a smell, taste , sound or sight can immediately take you to back in time to memory. Just silly but tasty almonds took me to Georgetown, Colorado when I was  7 or 8 yrs old, to the Red Ram Inn with my daddy.  My dad lived there for a few years and that was my first flight on an airplane from Dallas to Denver and I flew alone. Back then , you would have a flight attendant assigned to you to board with you and to see you off the plane. Dads friend was the bartender at Red Ram and we were there often to eat dinner. Hey we're talking the 70's and a single dad.  Anyways, they had a dispenser on the bar that was filled with the smoked almonds. For a quarter, you would get a hand full of almonds. I was the official almond getter once I discovered this.  I never in my life ate so many smoked almonds in a months time. 
I will ALWAYS associate smoked almonds with the Red Ram. 

Funny side note: my mom ended up living in Georgetown 20 years later for a short time.  Both parents living in the same small town at different times is so weird to me. 

When mom was pregnant with my little brother Jeremy, she craved ice cream floats made with strawberry crush soda.  It HAD to be Crush brand and my sweet grandpa would drop off cases of the soda every week for her.  So now I can't see a can of Crush ( orange, grape, etc) without thinking of mom pouring it over bluebell vanilla ice cream. 

The little creamer packets that you see jn a bowl at IHOP or Denny's , those take me to a time my Poppy let me open up at least a dozen of those at a small cafe and drink the cream from them. I was really young then probably around 6 or 7. My sweet grandpa spoiled me just a little.

To this day I am not a fan of whipped cream or cool whip from a bowl or can.  Again I was just a little girl and my great aunt was babysitting me. She let me eat cool whip out of the bowl and then also spray the whipped cream in my mouth from a can. I got soooo sick and have avoided it ever since. 

Corny dogs take me to our Texas State Fair and it has to be Fletcher's . 

There are many many many more examples of my transports in time but I only time right now to name these few. 

Do you have any specific vivid memories that something like an almond takes you to? 



  1. Hey! We were just in Georgetown, Colorado! The pictures I posted of Murphy, the coolest dog ever, was on a trail above Georgetown! After hiking we stopped in Idaho Springs and ate pizza at Beaujo's! Wow! The world seems small today! ;-) -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. Smoked almonds are one of my fav snacks! I would eat that whole bag in one sitting along with a cold beer!

    1. Its easy to do! They're tasty.

  3. Of course I do! But my brain is fogged by the trauma of another annoying day at work and a return to same Saturday morning, so I just can't get the ol' "toasted almond" to spit one out. Except that bird poop makes me think of my niece's shoulder and Fawn Forest campground...

  4. When I smell coffee I'm taken back to my Aunt's house. And pickles. We only saw them every other year since they lived in Tx. and my parents moved to Tn. right after they got married.


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