Monday, June 9, 2014

We were drawn from the weeds...

Good morning y'all! Happy Monday to you on this dark rainy gloomy day here in Dallas.  We soooo need the rain though. How was your weekend?  I unpacked A LOT and starting to see a light at end of the tunnel finally. I have one guest room that is pretty scary but it's not priority. I can close the door if anyone comes over.
I drove out to Quitman on Saturday where Nanny (grandma )  lives and it's 2 hrs one way.  We had such a great day! I left early and got there around 10:30 am. We went to a  a little hole in the wall and had a delicious country breakfast before we went to the grocery store. Nanny does not have a car  or a drivers license so one of us normally takes her so she can be stocked up. 
After we put away the groceries, we headed towards Lindale so I could go back to the Pink Pistol that's owned by Miranda Lambert.  I knew something was off when we got closer and no cars were there. Unfortunately, they had sign on door that they closed at 1pm just for that day.  I bet money that it was due to high school graduations.  I was bummed because I really really wanted to buy a skirt that I can't get out of my mind. 
On our way back to Nannys we stopped at a little flea market and I bought a cute little rolling cart and 2 mannequin heads that came from a beauty school. I will be using them for my Halloween party. LOL 
The highways were gorgeous out in East Texas. 

Sunday, I came home from church determined to get our master bedroom complete. Todd went to his office to paint  his lobby so I buckled down and got to work.  Jax is so funny because he loves to be held. He was so needy and would jump up on my legs so I can pick him up. He's actually pretty heavy when you're holding him with one arm and unpacking, sorting and cleaning with the other arm. 
I need to get one of those baby holders that I can put him in and carry him around.

 I came across one of my projects I bought recently, and changed it around. 
I had bought a summer dress that would not have fit me in the bust but would make a great skirt. I cut the whole top portion off and Wallah! I have a cute skirt. 
These are really not good pictures but notice the shoulder straps and the top bodice are missing from the photo on right. 
It's been a blah day but Ive been busy at work. Hence the late time of day I'm posting. 
Here are some cute pics of Jax that brighten my day. 
He's using his toy as a pillow. Heehee

I want to post more then once this week so let's see......
Have a great rest of your day. 


  1. What a fun way to spend Saturday and congrats on your new skirt! Please give Jax a treat from me for all his cuteness! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. Digging the new skirt my little rocker chick!
    My great aunt lives in Quitman and that part of east Texas is a slice of heaven. And speaking of know there are special wings for loving grandaughters...right?
    Miss you!

  3. So glad that you got to spend time with your Nanny and that you are feeling good about your unpacking progress...I know how frustrating it can be when it is hanging over your head. Can't wait to see your place sometime soon!

  4. Hi handsome Jax!! I adore that you make such an effort to see your Nanny. She's very luck to have you! And look at Holli, all handy making a dress into a skirt! Project Runway, here you come!


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