Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A time to dance - A time to mourn

Hey y'all!  So yesterday was our last day of being Unisource of which I was employed for almost 19 years.  Today is our first official day of being new company and new coworkers.  Tomorrow will be the day of celebration though where we will have the ringing of the bell on Wall Street and some hubbub around the office.  As I've mentioned, the company we merged with has many of past employees that I've worked with and so its nice to be a family again.
After 19 years I am saying goodbye to a company that I truly grew to love.  Today we merge with another company, take a new name, and go public.  Although we've had our ups and downs, we had a good run, made some great friendships, and just maybe changed some lives.
I cant say that I didn't have anxiety on Monday coming to work knowing that everything i'm used to will be forever changed but at same time its exciting.  All I can do is do the best at my job and PRAY that the new CEO wont make me wear panty hose!!  
I am singing this in my head now. The song Turn Turn Turn by The Byrds.

I have 19 yrs of company swag! Hmmm. 

And here is Jax watching me get ready this morning. It's good to have his support. 

Stay tuned tomorrow where I will post about Dallas and be a part of a fun blog hop.  Happy Tuesday! 


  1. Way to embrace the change, sweet friend! I personally think that panty hose should be outlawed...just saying!

  2. Boy, a lot of blog friends having similar issues. Reminds me of what I have to be thankful for, having already gone through my "transition".

  3. Hoping that everything will work out perfectly. I don't like change......

  4. Change can be such a challenge can't it? But keep in mind something good is going to come out of all the change.


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