Monday, July 21, 2014

Celebration of Life

Good morning y'all! Happy Monday. Hope you had a great weekend.  It was a crazy busy one for me. Friday night we went to our friends house for a backyard BBQ in Ft. Worth. It was all the gang that is going to Sturgis so we had fun planning and talking about the trip. They grilled hamburgers and turkey burgers. Everything was yummy. For dessert, Bobbie made cookie ice cream sandwiches.  Hello tasty goodness!
Saturday morning , Todd and I drove to a friends house to pick up some lawn equipment that we bought from them.  Like us, they recently got married and had 2 households to merge and doubles of many things. Yay for us because we got a nice mower and leaf blower and an edger.  When we got home and was unloading my truck, I felt something on my leg and when I looked down , my shoe was literally covered and crawling with ants. I screamed and pulled my sneaker off and threw it down the driveway.  I had stepped in a nasty ant bed that had crept up recently with the rain storms we had.  Todd was so sweet, he tried cleaning my shoe and then they got on his arms.  Yuck it was so awful! Both of us got away with just a few stings.  
I had a project to make for dads party that I already committed to and told my stepmom I would make. I had a HUGE poster board the size of a large rug. I covered it with pictures in chronological order from when Dad was in hospital , had the surgery to walking me down the aisle and his birthday in November.  I'm glad I made it because everyone seemed to enjoy it. My grandma cried as did I when I was cutting out the pictures and reliving those tense moments. 

Dads "rebirth@ party was so great! Deb really did a great job on planning it and thought of everything.  They had it catered from a good friend who does great BBQ. We had sausage, chicken and brisket with tons of sides. Buckets and coolers of drinks from beers to sodas and boxed wine which was quite tasty.  They hired this band that they had heard play several times at one of their favorite restaurants and so glad they did. It was 2 guys that looked like farmers right off a tractor but dang they could sing. The main vocal sounded just like Gordon Lightfoot and he played some of his songs. It was a great turnout and I would estimate that over a 100 people showed up. We had it down at dads mancave and had tables set up and even  porta-potties.   
So my cousin Larry surprised daddy with the large Club Schmitz sign and it was so  awesome to have it. If you look closely, someone put dads picture over the Dos Equis poster stand.  Everyone posed in front and had pictures.

Deb and dad

The flash was crazy bright! And we were all squinting.

My hubby!

My girlfriend Wendy , T, and Di

My stepsister Rachelle flew in from Cali.

It was so great seeing friends and family come together to show love and support and friendship to Dad.  I think he had a good time and felt pretty special! 

Yesterday , I drove to McGregor , TX that's just past Waco to support a friend of mine who is crazy talented. She is also a blogger at Redneck Chic.  She makes jewelry, shirts, purses, etc that has her fun flair and unique taste.  Robelyn sells on Etsy but she also has booths at 2 different antique stores around her area. She was having a special Pop-UP store sale and I thought it would be fun.  She made me the cutest Mr and Mrs pillowcases for my wedding gift and they match my bedroom decor. I need to take a picture for y'all.  I didn't take pictures of anything I bought come to think of it.  I purchased the cutest steering wheel cover this has blue pompom trim. I'm a sucker for pompom trim!  It was a nice antique store that went on forever. I also bought a footstool and an old vintage quilt that has 2 huge holes but I'm hoping   I can get patched.  The quilt was 20$ and so I couldn't pass it up.  
The traffic was horrible coming home but when I did, Todd had dinner ready and a glass of wine poured. Ahh! 
A lady in one of my Facebook online garage sales makes homemade tamales and she delivered 2 dozen last night.  We will be having those for dinner tonight and snacks this week. 
So there is my long recap of my weekend.  Hope y'all have a blessed day! 


  1. Love this! I can't believe it's been a year! And I really can't believe that in a MONTH you'll be celebrating your first wedding anniversary!!!

  2. What a wonderful weekend! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. Looks like you had a busy but wonderful weekend! Your Dad's party looks like it was great. I sent you and Todd a message on FB about meeting to get you back the helmet but I guess there was too much going on. Maybe this week. Love and miss you!

  4. The BBQ party sounds like it was fun and the food sounds delicious. Love all the pictures. Way to go on getting the lawn equipment! Really sorry about the ants. I just had ants in the house this morning. It's so dry that they come inside looking for water.


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