Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cute BLOG charm - you need it!

Hey everyone, this will be my only post this week.  My hubby leaves in the morning at 4am with our group heading to Sturgis and I'll be leaving on Friday. I'm flying into Rapid City, SD with layover in Denver.  Todd is packing most of my things with his bag so we've been busy getting our things together.  This is also the first time Jax has ever been away from home.  I'm getting his toenails clipped and filed today after work so he can be pretty.  We bathed him last night. The whole family is busy.
Have y'all heard of Origami Owl? They have what they call Living lockets that have charms inside. There are charms for pretty much all hobbies including scrapbooking and blogging. You can get a locket bracelet or wear it on a long necklace. There are various sizes of the locket and you can also choose from background circles. 
I bought one a year ago that reflects my wedding. I got married at a winery so I have a wine glass, an M for my new last name, a cross and a wedding ring. I have  a circle that says Always behind my charms. I get a lot of compliments every time I wear it.  I have a friend that has a locket in memory of her husband. They have a charm that has that " in memory of".  She put his initial , his birthstone, and a few hobby charms. It's so pretty. 
I'm in process now of putting another locket together for my hobbies.  I will have a motorcycle , a bone to represent Jax, a wine bottle, a background circle that says Love Life, and my BLOG charm. I've received many as gifts but a few i don't have yet. Can't wait to get it all put together. 
To keep expenses down in my budget, I use a chain that I already have so that helps.  You can add slowly to collection or get a bunch at one time. 
I heard that they had a blog charm so I reached out to my friend Erica. She sells them and is such a great person to deal with. I ordered 2 because one is a gift for someone - early birthday present. 
The charm is in my marriage locket for now but that's temporary.  Look how cute! 

All of you need to send her an email or go to website to get one. 
 Email is : myowncharm@gmail.com 
Her website is : myowncharm.origamiowl.com 

I love my new blog charm and think you would like one too! 

I would love to know what you would have in your locket.  

Pray for safe travels on our trip and nice weather.  I'll catch you next week and tell you all about it. 


  1. What a CUTE charm! 'Can't wait to hear all about your trip! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. Layover in Denver? Airlines never cease to amuse me...

  3. I will go over and check it out! I didn't know they had a blog one....I like it.
    Have a great trip.

  4. I've looked a million times as these necklaces, I love them! Yours is really cute! I've looked at getting one for my sister cause I think she would love it. Have a SAFE and fun trip!!! <3 <3

  5. I bought Memory Lockets for my Mom and Grandma for Mother's Day. They LOVED them! You can really get creative with these lockets as there are so many charms and back plates to choose from.

  6. Too bad I'm a guy blogger or I would have bought one.

    Layover in Denver? Well, at least it's a great town for beer!


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