Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Makeup routine

Good morning and happy Tuesday!  I thought I would share my makeup routine this morning and its actually something I have never blogged about.  Its funny that I have 2 drawers full of make up but most of the time I stick with  my favorites.
First thing I do every morning before I start putting on makeup is apply moisturizer.  I have to admit I am not too loyal on one certain brand and I tend to use Neutrogena a lot with sunscreen.  Right now I am using Clinique dramatically different moisturizer.

I use 2 different concealers- one for my spots and one for under  my eyes.
I am seriously always breaking out with pimples and blackheads and its driving me crazy.  I spoke to a person working at Sephora a few years ago and she introduced me to Murad acne treatment concealer and I love it! I use it on my cheeks, nose and chin.

I use Cargo One Base foundation+ concealer for under my eyes. It doesn't take but a small dot under each eye and that's it. It blends in real well and you don't see creases and its not flaky after it dries.
My blush AND lipgloss are both Nars Orgasm. I am not a fan at all of the name but the color is perfect for my skintone. I have an olive complexion and it doesn't come across too pink, too orange, etc.  I wear the lipgloss every day and have for years and I always get compliments. I make sure I have an extra tube at home at all times so I don't run out.  They have a Super Orgasm blush and lipgloss but it has more of a gold glitter sparkle and isn't appropriate for my corporate office job during the day.

I only wear liquid eyeliner.  Pencil seems to smear for me minutes after I apply it.  I am hard on my eyes. I rub and touch my face too much during the day and my eyes water a lot. Liquid eyeliner stays on longer for me . Right now my favorite is by Makeup Forever and my second is Urban Decay. I wear Charcoal gray , the brown and I like the dark purple and navy blue. I normally don't buy black because all of them look dark anyway.
I am always on the hunt for the "perfect mascara" and so I switch it around a lot! Right not I am currently using 2 different ones that I go back and forth with.  Cargo Texas lash and Maybelline Rocket.  I have tried every mascara out there it seems. I have tiny stumps for eyelashes so I need at least 3 coats to look like I even have eyelashes. 
So that's it. I can put my makeup on in about 15 minutes start to finish. I don't wear base all over and I don't know how to apply eye shadow. I only ever wore eye shadow back in high school and college when I was on dance teams and it had to be sky blue.  Yuck!   I wore it for my wedding but just a little bit.   One thing is I have in my purse, car, desk and nightstand is the EOS lip balm.  When i'm not wearing the Nars Lipgloss, I am addicted to these.  I even have Todd loving them and I buy them for all my friends and family so they can be aware of the awesomeness.

Hope yall have a great day and Oh today's post is my 302nd post.  I didn't realize 2 posts ago that it was my 300th.  Pretty cool!! Thanks so much for everyone and anyone that reads my blog. I am blessed!


  1. I love your makeup routine. Very simple. I don't wear base either, it feels too mask-like to me. I'm looking for a new mascara. I might give your suggestion a try. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Love this post! Some of these products are new to me. :)

  3. Fun post...mine would consist of toner and moisturizer unless I am going out and then things get a lot more complicated...lol.

  4. Mine is "hot wash rag to face. Comb hair. Brush teeth. Oh, yeah, deodorant. Done." But I have a natural beauty, lol.

  5. I have many drawers full of make-up and creams. I'm trying to narrow things down to my favorites. I want to stop trying to find newer and better!!! Thank you for sharing your favorites, I may have to check some of them out :)

  6. OK, if you ever find The Perfect Mascara, you have to tell me! My lashes are barely there! I wonder if those lash extensions work? -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  7. oooooh, you had me at makeup routine! All good products, too!! I usually don't buy high end mascara, but I recently discovered Clinique High Lengths mascara and I LOOOOVE it. It's $16, more than I would spend at drugstore, but not awful. Also, I looove Eos and Orgasm!!


    And i love you!


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