Thursday, July 24, 2014

Some randomness

So last week I got a crafty streak and spray painted some items that desperately needed a makeover.  I am so bad at taking Before pictures, you just have to believe from my After pics that it was an improvement.  I had 2 busts that were just grey and blah and now they are brighter.

The stand on wheels was really in bad shape with brown shelf and rusty legs.  I painted it silver to go in my kitchen. It holds my vintage bread box . 

When I went to Waco last Sunday, I passed this little guy cruising on the highway shoulder. He actually stopped at the antique shop and handed out some religious flyers. He was very committed and was a veteran. I didn't get picture with him on his cart because he already got off before I grabbed my phone. 

While browsing through the antique shop I came across this old birdcage. Y'all know my obsession with birdcages. Anyhoo.... This vintage cage on stand had price tag of 75$ but it was wrapped with black ducttape at the base, and inside the cage was an old dirtdobber nest and it had all this old plastic crap in it.  Now if you were asking 75 dollars for this, wouldn't you at least clean it out first and make it look presentable? I almost left a note saying so but I just shook my head and moved on.  Crazy! 

I had to take a picture of this pin. It's of an Asian woman but has scary Michael Jackson nose. 

I am pretty excited about my new hip purse I made for Sturgis.  It clips onto your belt loops and perfect when you ride.  I bought 2 purses at a thrift store- the one with fringe that will be the main part was 6$ and the 2nd purse was a small black one (2$) that I only bought for the clips.  I cut the strap off the beige one and cut the clips off the black one and asked my friend to sew the ends for me. I say I made it because it was my creation and I did all the cutting and had everything pinned- I just didn't do the sewing. Props to my friend though who doesn't question , she just sews where I ask.  The whole thing cost 8$ and I have a smaller one that I bought from Harley store that was 50$ ( on sale). It barely holds more than my license and lipgloss which is why I needed a slightly bigger one for my trip. 
Haha! I only have the before picture and not the after but you get the idea. 

My stepsister and 2 nieces are in town right now visiting and they came in for dads party. I went to visit after work on Monday and spent some time with them. We took Ava (18mos) for a walk and she went straight to the fence where some horses were. One of them was so sweet and very curious about Ava. My niece Paloma was with my stepmom down at the barn getting ready to ride. She got brand new boots that day that are black and silver zebra striped. So cute! 

Tomorrow is my precious grandma (Nanny)'s birthday and she will be 87. Y'all I love her so much! I'm sending her some flowers today to be delivered tomorrow. 
 Todd's friends sister passed away last week and tomorrow is her memorial.  One of my coworkers lost his wife last week and hers was this past Monday.  On Facebook , there has been a lot of sadness and loss these last 2 weeks. 
I pray that next week is more happier. 

That's all I got today folks. What a strange post I know. Thanks for hanging in there. Have a wonderful and Blessed day!! 


  1. I remember the rolling stand from an old B&W TV we got for cheap years ago. The girls are little cuties, no wonder the horse took a shine to her!

  2. I love the photos of the sweet baby and beautiful horse! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. I thought for sure it was Michael Jackson!
    You are pretty crafty, I like what you did.
    Your nieces are adorable.
    Sorry about the deaths, it is all so sad.....((HUGS))

  4. Look at you, crafty girl!! Straight out of Pinterest! The man's cart sure is a sight. Sorry for the losses this past week, but what a blessing that hur Nanny is 87! God bless her. <3

  5. What a fun are so crafty! Your little nieces are so very precious and those zebra boots....I DIE!!!! Save travels to Sturgis...hope you have an amazing time! I will be stalking your IG. Love you!

  6. Happy birthday to grandma!

    That did look like Michael Jackson!


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