Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Something's gotta give

Hey y'all, happy Tuesday.  Hope everyone had a great weekend and your Monday was decent.  I am still having dizzy spells and actually look forward to my Drs appt today.   Yesterday when I woke up, I had a small headache and I had a bad dizzy spell just before I left the house.  I feel like it made my brain a little scrambled.  For lunch yesterday , I went to pick up something from Canes for both myself and my boss who had meetings and couldn't leave.  When I got to the window, I paid for the meals , got my change and our drinks and drove off. LEAVING the FOOD BEHIND!!!  What's worse is that I didn't even recognize this until I reached my last exit a block from the office. I had to turn around and go back and I said " yes this is the airhead that left her order".
On Saturday , Todd and I were going to our favorite Chinese restuarant in our old neighborhood.  We had started working on organizing the garage and so I was gross and sweaty.  After I showered I put on a new tshirt I bought from Old Navy and the tag was really scratchy.  Yes I know I seem like a 5 yr old but I hate tags! So I went to cut it out and proceeded to cut a fairly large hole in my new shirt that still had tags.  Luckily I have long hair and wore it anyways! Haha

The hole in the shirt was nothing compared to the doozy I let happen to my foot.  Earlier that morning ( Saturday) I got in a hurry while getting ready to meet friend for breakfast and I ran into my hat tree in our spare bedroom. As it was falling, instead of getting out of the way- I tried catching it and the heavy base landed right on my foot.  It cut my foot and swelled instantly.  It bruised up pretty  bad and boy did it hurt!  
Here's a pic about a minute after it happened:
Here it is today , the swelling is down but more green and purple :

So needless to say, I should have worn a helmet and body armor and sat on couch  but who has time for that? 
Good news is that after church on Sunday , we continued tackling the garage and we made room for Todd's car. His is newer and my truck is ok parked in the driveway.  The Harley has more space and Todd is a happy man! 
Oh and I also read the whole book " Gone Girl" over the weekend.  It's going to be a movie and I wanted to read the book first. It was really good y'all! 

I'm kinda rambling so I better end this post. Have an awesome day and I leave you with a song called Grace from one of my most fave singers Ed Kowalcyk.  


  1. Gee whiz! What a week! I hope you feel better soon! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. Hang in there lady, hope the Dr can set you up :)

  3. Hope the doctor can help you. So sorry about your top and ouch on the hat tree falling on your foot!

  4. Hi!
    So glad to meet you. Glad you stopped by my Blog.
    I'm Following you now so I'll be back...I have often cut holes in
    my clothes too trying to get those darn, itchy tags out.
    Sure wish everything would go "tagless"...Best of luck at your
    doctor appointment. Hope you get a "quick fix"!


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